Straight into it as DC turn up the heat mid year with some awesome releases.  Check out here for the full details.  Highlights reel…roll!  

The holy trinity of the DCU all hit anniversary editions.  Each issue will be somewhat reflective as well as setting up the future for each of these characters by each of the incoming creative teams.  Straczynski promises to shake things up in the Superman universe after a number of years of the New Krypton dominating the series.  Morrison helps to set up the return of Bruce Wayne into the core Batman title (note Frank Quietly doing some of the art this issue!).  These will serve as great jumping-on issues for those of you thinking of getting on board one of these core DC characters titles.  

GREEN ARROW #1 – The emerald archer gets another shot at an ongoing series.  Will be interesting to see just who is carrying the bow forward in this series.  

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #46 – Robinson’s run continues and while I thought it was a bit slow to begin with (to be fair he had to tie in with Blackest Night), it is starting to show some promising signs so here’s hoping it continues.  This issue sees the start of a storyline that crosses over with the JSA across 5 issues.  Each cover will form part of a large image of both teams in battle.  

THE JOKER’S ASYLUM ONE-SHOTS – A series of books released weekly throughout June.  Narrated by the Joker, each one will spotlight a classic Batman villain who has racked up some time in Gotham’s own Hilton of Horrors, Arkhum Asylum.   Under the spotlight are Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Riddler, Harley Quinn and Clayface.  Note fan favourite Bill Sienkiewicz is doing the art for the Mad Hatter issue.  

RED HOOD: LOST DAYS #1 – A fill in the history gap series.  What happened to Jason Todd in those ‘lost years’ after the Joker belted his head in and he was listed as ‘KIA’ on the Batcave’s Cray powered database?  This series promises to lay out what turned a Todd into Hush.  

BATMAN BEYOND #1 – Following on from my recent post, here is where this all new Batman Beyond storyline starts.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Superman/Batman Annual #4 which deals with a near-future Metropolis where criminals are being silenced permanently.  What does this mean for Superman and can the new Batman help him as Batman used to when they were the World’s Finest?  The annual is written by Paul Levitz (ex DC Publisher) who has taken up writing chores on the Superman/Batman monthly titles and Legion of Super Heroes where he first carved out his fame.  

TOM STRONG AND THE ROBOTS OF DOOM #1 – Hell yes, sign me up barkeep!  Tom Strong is back.  With Robots.  Of Doom!  In this new 6 issue mini-series, Tom Strong is suddenly faced with an alternate future where his estranged, goose-step loving son has become dictator of the world.  Thought not written by Alan Moore, this is penned by Moore’s collaborator, Peter Hogan, who also penned the Tom Strong spin-off series, Terra Obscura.  Peter will bring that quirky British style this classic ABC character needs.  If you like your future stories mixed with some 1950’s sci fi pulp flavour this is for you, particularly if you’ve enjoyed anything else by Moore or Warren Ellis.  

ASTRO CITY: SILVER AGENT #1 – Creator Kurt Busiek takes us back again to Astro City, this time to look at the history of one of the city’s favourite fallen sons, the Silver Agent.  A must for those of you who’ve followed the tales of the city from the beginning.  And for those of you who haven’t, Astro City is one of those titles you should treat yourself to checking out in tpb.  

FRINGE: TALES FROM THE FRINGE #1 – A 6 issue tie-in to the awesome TV series (with great casting) that is the X-Files of today.  Not all TV tie in series work, though I do recall the Topp’s X-File series being a decent effort.  So if you’re a fan, or know of one, of the TV series, you may want to consider looking at this.  

GOD OF WAR SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES – DC Direct are advance soliciting these now for release in November.  No photo’s were allowed to be taken at the recent Toy Fair trade convention so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for decent images but all reports suggest these will be hot.  First up in this mix are Kratos, Hercules, Zeus and Hades.