The mighty ‘I’ rolls on.  Over the weekend I was reading an old Wizard article from 1996 when Image was imploding with the Image founding fathers fightin’ and a feuding.  Rob Liefeld had just resigned/been fired (Depending whose story you believed) and McFarlane stated that Rob would, over his dead body, ever come back to Image comics.  Funny how that worked out 🙂 It was a crazy time in comics.  Ironically, the money doesn’t flow quite as easily now for creators but the quality and range is better than ever.  And Image have certainly contributed in that respect bless ’em.  Full details of Image’s June releases over at CBR.


On with June’s highlights: 


DUST WARS #1 (of 3) Now who likes ‘war’ stories?  I do (particularly after some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 action – thanks EB Games in the Golden Centre!) The art for this series is compelling and there is the promise of large robots in a WWII setting, what could be better?  3 issue mini-series – may be worth checking out if you enjoy alternate history stories such as Warren Ellis’ Ministry of Space.  Excerpts available on the CBR page. 

 META 4 #1 (of 5) – In the mood for something different?  Ted McKeever has amassed an impressive body of work which has a distinct style and is notable for the edge he brings, grim, gritty, noir and reflective.  This mini-series offers you something fresh from McKeever as an astronaut and muscular she-Santa explore New York city and the barriers it throws up to stop them from understanding their true selves.  Excerpts available on the CBR page.

 THE PRO (one-shot) (new printing) – It’s baaacckkk.  This infamous one-shot graphic novel from the warped but talented mind of Garth Ennis.  This depraved story tells the story of the world’s first superhero prostitute and her mis-adventures.  This edition also apparently includes a new back up feature included in the recent hardcover released called The Pro meets the Ho and the Ho may just have the edgeSo make a booking with this Pro today!

 Joe Kelly is well respected for his mainstream hero fare in that he didn’t ignore the humanity in the super-powered characters he was conducting.  Kelly gets to flex his creative muscles in this original tale of a young girl who struggles to fit in the real world, yet the fantasy world she surrounds herself may well be the herald of a disaster close to her real home life.  Billed as a ‘coming of age’ story, this will sit comfortably in your library and enrich it.

BRIGADE #1 – Couldn’t write the introduction and then not mention this blast from the past.  That’s right, Rob Liefeld is back with one of the original Image teams Brigade.  I would guess that with some 17 years or so experience behind him and the same passion, this will be a more cohesive (and less anatomically challenged) outing for this government licenced team.  Worth a look if you have the originals.