HicksvilleIt’s great to see comics get some love in the mainstream media, particularly ‘independent’ creators and even more particularly when they are kiwis.  Dylan Horrocks is a not only a kiwi who could, but a kiwi who did.  Was he punching above his weight with the success he’s had?  No, I think his weight is just fine, talent and passion is what has cemented Dylan’s place in comicdom.  I remember the buzz over this title when it originally came out and selling a few copies in Bag End.  Enough from me, check out this article over at Stuff.  One more thing, I agree with Dylan when he proposes comics as a medium are in a golden age.  Indeed, never has such a range of comics been available with quality creators, many coming to play from outside the comic industry as well as decent adaptions to the silver screen.  Do yourself a favour and check out Dylan’s work.