Though many ‘future’ stories of our favourite comic character lack substance, the 1999-2001 ‘Batman Beyond’ animated series worked on a few levels.  Perhaps it was that they got the Batman successor, Terry McGinnis, character’s balance just right such that he was likeable or that Bruce Wayne was still kicking it or even that they had the canine wonder – Ace!  Also the future Gotham and its inhabitants were intersting without being too ‘over-futurised.’   Overall, thought it had a short run, it was reasonably successful and added to the Batman universe nicely.  Well, if you too liked BB, and want to see more, or you’d like to see if Batman can evolve beyond Bruce, keep an eye out for a couple of upcoming releases.  One will star BB in a Batman/Superman annual, the other will be a full on 6 part mini-seires.  For some more details, check out this article over at CBR.