Wow.  June.  Ok, plenty of fun to be had before then but you can check out all the details here of what’s coming up from the Horse’s mouth in June.  On with the highlights:

ABE SAPIEN: THE ABYSSAL PLAIN #1 (of 2) – Another tale fleshing out the early adventures of everyone’s favourite paranormal fighting marine dwelling dude.  Lovingly crafted by Mignola and Arcudi, this quick fire 2 part mini-series deserves to be added to your Hellboy collection.

DEXTER LIMITED EDITION BUST – Though I’ve not followed this TV show myself, I know a lot of people rave about it.  Dexter, crime fighter by day, Vigilante Serial Killer by night.  If you, or someone you know is into the series, fine collectibles – or both, this should be worth a look.  It’s crafted by the folks at Gentle Giants and the US$ retail is a reasonable $69 so I should be able to work out a sharp price if you’re interested.

PREDATORS #1 (of 4) – A 4 part mini-series that serves as a prequel to the highly anticipated reboot of the Predator franchise.  Can they pull this off?  Well, if this series serves up a decent story (co-pencilled by Dave Lapham) then it may be well worth holding our collective breath for the movie.  This series deals with a group of marines who unwillingly become the prey to a bunch of predators… can anyone survive.  Ah with no Arnie in sight, it’s not looking good.  The series will come out weekly, leading up to the official adaption, film release and then Dark Horse will deliver a sequel!

SERENITY: FLOAT OUT – Calling all Firefly lovers (and that’s a lot of us).  This series deals with Wash and some of his past adventures, prior to his untimely demise in Serenity.  What’s exciting is that the one-shot will apparently contain a surprising cameo that hints at the future of the Serenity universe.  Super hype or will they deliver?  It should be worth the ride to find out.

STAR WARS ADVENTURES: THE WILL OF DARTH VADER – A one shot story of  a Dark Lord, some Rebels and a hidden base… but not THAT hidden base, no this one is in an asteroid field, no not the asteroid field!  This field can shift but Vader will supposedly have more trouble from his bounty hunter companion aiding him on this mission.


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