previews.jpgAlrighty then folks, orders for the March Previews are officially open but thanks to those of you who have already got yours in.  Still plenty of time to add to them for these upcoming May releases.  The cut off date for orders is March 24.  Let’s Recap:

DC – It’s all good in the ‘hood, the DC ‘hood that is as the darkness has been defeated and a bright new future beckons… or does it.  Geoff Johns helms Brightest Day – the maxi series to take you through the rest of 2010.  Also don’t forget about The Return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison (6 part bi-weekly series), James Robinson’s War of the Supermen  (4 part weekly series), Legion of Superheroes by Paul Levitz, and Zatanna pulls a new series out of her magic hat and makes it look good.

Marvel – A restart of Avengers following on from the outcome of Siege, Spectacular Spider Girl swings back to a new series, Rescue #1 sees another ally for Iron Man in the form of an armoured Pepper Potts, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger 5 part series set after the Battle of Jericho Hill, Warren Ellis’ Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenisis and so much other great Heroic Age material you’ll get dizzy.

Image – Sam and Twitch are back!, Shadowhawk is back!, The pirates of Seas of Red are…. back too and it’s a rip roaring high seas adventure with a modern twist.

Dark Horse – Hellboy hunts the bat-goat in 1950’s Mexico, and may possibly be drunk in this rousing one-shot.

Other comics of interest for May:  

Crossed: Family Values – Disturbing horror following on from the first series penned by Garth EnnisThis time Dave Lapham (Stray Bullets) is writing about a near future world gone horribly wrong and where depraved human behaviour is the norm. 

The Green Hornet Strikes – Complementing the other two Green Hornet projects, this series is set in a near future Chicago where the financial crisis was never resolved meaning crime must be floursihing.  And who better to stop a crime wave than a guy in Green, no lantern, no rings, no arrows, just cunning and a lethal side kick. 

Overstreet Comic book Price Guide #40 – THE annually released bible when it comes to valuing comics.  Always loaded with interesting articles and extensive cover galleries.  They also date well so you won’t regret having at least one on your bookshelf.

Twilight Manga – For the twilight fan, this 2 part take in the popular Manga style will pack an irresistible bite.