Hi all, just a check in on how you all are.  Somewhat quiet outside the recent release news on the comic front.  Just had a copy of Warren Ellis’ Ignition City (Avatar Press) land this week.  The quick look I had before delivering it impressed me with its homage to the pulp era and I hear that if you enjoyed Ministry of Space, you’ll love this piece of work.

Managed to squeeze in a board game (yes, those things with no screens or cords etc.) this weekend, Twilight Imperium.  A large sci-fi themed resource management game.  Well worth playing but make sure you’ve got the best part of a day to devote to it.

Speaking of board games, for anyone on Xbox Live, check out the demo for Toy Soldiers.  For anyone with a nostalgic interest in old toy war games, or you just like something a bit different, check this out.  Very well executed and looks to have a lot of character.

 Don’t forget to start putting your May orders together for the March Previews, I’ll have the spreadsheet version out to you soon.