Yes, yes and yes.  Image notches things up a gear in May with some genuinely interesting releases.  No one can accuse the Image of today as not being adventurous but it is good to see them embracing characters of their yesteryear that helped get them to where they are today AND these characters can still have a chance at being relevant and entertaining.  For a while it seemed Image had largely shunned its spandex pedigree but I appreciate this was part of their diversification growing pains.  Its seem now they have got a good handle on the balance of their material.  CBR has all the May release details here but for your reading pleasure, I’ve shone a light on a few standouts of note.


SAM & TWITCH: THE WRITER #1 (of 4) – Other than the obvious, this surly duo are possibly the most recognisable characters to come out of Spawn having once enjoyed their own series.  Now, as in recent Spawn continuity, Sam and Twitch are back from the dead in a bi-weekly four-part mini-series.  Don’t mistake this pair as a Keystone Cops routine, this will be some gritty noir crime storytelling but with a cutting sense of black humour. 

SHADOWHAWK #1  – One of the original launch titles for Image back in the mid nineties, Shadowhawk was a fairly well executed character and possibly a contributor to the ‘darkening’ of the comic hero that continued throughout the rest of the 1990’s.  This series will deal with the reinstatement of the original Shadowhawk which will be very interesting to see how fans take to this (spinning out of the current Image United mini-series). 

SEA OF RED SLIPCASE COLLECTION – Offered as a collected slipcase of volumes 1-3 of the TPBs this is a good opportunity to highlight this series.  Do you like Pirates?  Do you like Vampires?  Then you may like Pirate Vampires!  This critically acclaimed series is not for the lovey-dovey Twilight fan, this is  man’s vampire tale dealing with pirates in both the high seas of yester-year with twists to made Davey Jones stir in his murky grave.  The price of the collected edition may be too rich for some tastes but you can be spared walking the plank by ordering Volumes 1 to 3 in TPB.

 Also don’t forget to check out the pulp action Vampire tale Turf and the supernatural thriller The Light, which you can still order the first issues which release in April.