The ‘big two’ are really hitting their stride by May with the big storylines set up to carry us through the rest of the year.  We’ve seen Marvel’s impressive schedule for May, now here you can check out all things DC.  Let’s take a closer look….

BRIGHTEST DAY #1-2 – In terms of scale, this event falls somewhere between 52 and the recent Blackest Night.  In fact, it will be exactly 26 issues in total, released bi-weekly so should be manageable in terms of keeping up with both plot and cost wise.  DC is promising the cherry sounding title doesn’t mean its going to be all shits and giggles.  No, some menace is bound to be on the horizon but some old faces will reappear to meet the challenges ahead….  With Geoff Johns at the helm, his track record to date would suggest this maybe yet another ride you don’t want to miss.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #1-2 – Kieth Giffen is reunited with the characters he made famous as the Justice League International, most notably for that ‘one punch’ incident.  This also as a bi-weekly series will tie into  Brightest Day but immediately is not so rosy as someone is targeting the members of the old JLI.  Giffen’s sense of humour, which can be dry and slightly bizare at times, wont suit all tastes but if you like some shock in with your bizarre and spandex, this should please.  Also, note Giffen takes over on Booster Gold #32 this month too. 

DC UNIVERSE LEGACIES #1 – If you’re either new to the DCU or just wanting to understand better some of the references to the DC of yesteryear many of today’s authors weave into their stories, then you should consider checking this out.   Starting from the WWII era, the characters who have carved out the DCU we know today will be explored and in some case re-examined.  If done well, and I suspect Len Wein should give it a good shot, this will be a nice reference piece in your collection. 

BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1-2 – Ok Mr Morrison, enough of the ‘Lost’ cryptic teasing, let’s start getting some answers.  No mistake, this will deal with Bruce Wayne and where (or when) he’s been since his ‘death’ in Infinite Crisis.  The initial thought you may have of Bruce Wayne battling back through various time periods may give you concern but consider that if anyone can pull it off, it is Morrison.   A 6 issues mini-series promising a super-artist on every issue I want to believe this will be one of the series of the year and it may just prove to be.

RED ROBIN #12 – Ra’s al Ghul features in this issue that peaked my interest due to some interesting wording promising a revelation of a mystery voice in the shadows talking with Ra’s as well as why Tim Drake has known all along Bruce was still alive.  Without reading any of the previous issues, I suspect this could still have an interesting and satisfying payoff.

SUPERMAN: WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #1 – James Robinson features as co-author of this 4 part mini-series which releases weekly throughout May.   Events over the last two years in the Super titles have led to this.  Featuring Zod with an army that has come to claim the Earth.  I look forward to seeing what direction they will take Superman once this storyline is wrapped up.

THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1 – Always a fan favourite, this series relaunch is most notable for it is written by none other than DC’s ex-publisher Paul Levitz who created some serious history with this title when he was a younger man.  Can he weave the same magic a second time.  With so much experience under his belt, I would like to think so for the fans who will flock so see what this first issue promises. ZATANNA #1 – Digressing for a moment, but of all the heroes they’ve tried on Smallville, Zatana is one of the best adaptions I’ve seen in anything ‘hero’ related on a TV series.  That aside, Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series) will attempt to leave you spellbound with plots mixing magic and crime.  The new interior artist Stephane Roux doesn’t look to shabby either.

 I, ZOMBIE #1 – This will possibly be one of those cult favourites that everyone discovers AFTER it’s already debuted.  Its charm in part lies in the fact it’s hard to describe any better that the solicitation (so go check it out) but essentially its got a very stylised look that tells the story of a grave-digging, zombie detective chick who is normal except from the necessary habit of a monthly human brain consumption.  This habit, as one might expect, has some side effects such as hearing the dead’s thoughts and the compulsion to act on them.  All I can say is take a look and if not convinced to try it, make up your mind to miss it rather than miss it without knowing why.

Also don’t forget the new Flash Series by Geoff Johns (#2 in May) and God of War (#2 in May).  Orders for titles releasing in April open till the end of this week.