Well, first off welcome to those Otago University students both new and returning for another year of academic excellence at New Zealand’s finest university in Dunedin, New Zealand’s finest city!  And of course, there is nothing more important than having some down time activities to help you de-stress – and what better than Dunedin’s finest comic supplier (that’s me!) to help you source what you want.  So, while we all prepare for Orientation week as either participants or interested by-standers, let’s start sorting out your May fix starting with Marvel.  And what a May for Marvel, lots of great releases (details here) to spotlight..  

HEROIC AGE MAGAZINE #1 – Marvel’s big new push is an event called the Heroic Age.  However, rather than an event series, rather this is a theme right across the Marvel Universe and is being realised via special covers and new team titles and storyline riffs such in those highlighted below.  This magazine is going to be your guide to the players and team ups resulting out of the dawn of this new age for Marvel.  

ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN/WOLVERINE #1 – A pairing of two of Marvel’s most popular characters is a bit of a no brainer but here it is finally to help usher in Marvel’s new Heroic Age.  What  should help with this book succeeding is the creative team of Jason Aaron who has penned the critically acclaimed PunisherMax title and on art duties is fan favourite Adam Kubert!  

ASTONISHING X-MEN: XENOGENESIS #1 (of 5) – It’s been a while since an X title really lit up on the radar but putting Warren Ellis’ name on it should do just that.  Mutants have not featured among the new born worldwide for some time but is that about to change?  The listing states that perhaps the are or that is might be something… Sinister, Mr Sinister perhaps???  


RESCUE #1 – Pepper Potts is an Iron Woman?  Apparently so and now she gets to fly solo in her own title spinning out of Invincible Iron Man.  Don’t underestimate the punch of this Pepper.  

DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER #1 (of 5) – Stephen King’s saga continues in a new direction with this mini series.  Set 12 years after the Battle of Jericho Hill.  Roland has survived and hunting the Man in Black and the Dark Tower itself.  

ANITA BLAKE: CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED BOOK 1 #1 (of 5) – Like Vampires?  Wrote a book about it, wanna hear it?  Here is goes!  One of the more ‘hip’ vampire tale tellers, Laurell K Hamilton has entertained millions with her stores of Anita Blake.  Marvel presents another comic adaption of her books.  

SENSE & SENSIBILITY #1 (of 5)  – Likely to have a niche audience within comic fandom but still good to see something as diverse as this adaption of a classic being offered.  If it brings new readers to the format, then it’s already a winner.  


SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL #1 – Marvel legend Tom Defalco brings us back to the M2 Universe and Spider Girl, April Parker who is a venom-ish hybrid.  What’s spurred her into action?  Oh apparently the Punisher coming out of retirement.  Meanwhile, the daughter of Captain America walks the streets but is she enough to make a difference.  Get in at the start and see why the first series was such a critical success.  


AVENGERS #1  – A huge part of Marvel’s Heroic Age must feature the combined might which can only be The Avengers!  A superpowered team powered by the super creative team with writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist John Romita Jr.    


SECRET AVENGERS #1 – So who then are on the secret team and why?  And what do they do?  Ed Brubaker knows and starts to share the secrets in this Heroic Age title.  

AGE OF HEROES #1 (of 4) – Another title to usher in the Heroic Age – featuring the writing talents of Kurt Busiek, a fun sounding look at how the various heroes are faring in this new age both on the job and behind the scenes.  

HEROIC AGE: PRINCE OF POWER #1 (of 4) – Dealing with the ramifications of the fall of a hero during The Siege and all is not going well – and Thor part is what exactly…?  

THE THANOS IMPERATIVE: IGNITION #1 – Hmmm could the Heroic Age be over before its begun with this bad boy making his reappearance in the MU?  It all starts here.  

WOLVERINE #900 – It’s a party and you’re invited.  Oh, and some pirates.  It’s going to get messy.  

X-MEN FOREVER GIANT-SIZE #1 – Chris Claremont and Mike Grell present the X-Men vs the Shi’ar!  All you know of the Forever Universe promises to be turned upside down.  

These will be available to order with the March Previews but as always feel free to get your orders to me before hand.