May.  A scary thought, eased by the notion there will be comics to warm our hands as the nights grow darker and the bite of winter grows on the wind….  Anyhoo, our comrades over at CBR have listed here Dark Horse’s offerings which will be available to order with the March Previews.  Lets have a look at what’s fresh…

 HELLBOY IN MEXICO (OR, A DRUNKEN BLUR) – A tasty sounding one shot which puts ol’ horn head in the 1950’s Mexico.  What does one do in such a setting?  Why hunt the undead of course.  Of particular interest to me is how he will deal with a ‘terrible bat-goat’.  That’s worth the price of admission alone I’d suggest.  Good to see these one-shots where the story is focused and fun.

Hmm apart from that, nothing particularly new for May to get overly excited about.  The Terminator series which is about to start will be ending its run, a new Star Wars series kicks off but that’s about it.  So, here’s a few Dark Horse TPB recommendations for you that might well find a home on your bookshelf:

Hard Boiled – Frank Miller and Geof Darrow’s insanely detailed and gory science fiction romp.  Meet Carl.  Carl is a cybernetic, homicidal tax collector and is TAX time!  Ever promising to be the next big thing out of Hollywood, Frank Miller was last attach as the Director for the silver screen adaption.  Incredibly detailed art (think Where’s Wally on acid) and blood and gore doesn’t distract from a fairly entertaining story as only Miller can craft.

Sin City – The Hard Goodbye – Where it all started.  This crime noir story telling style has obviously been a big hit and throughout the series of seven Sin City Stories (try saying that fast seven times!)  Miller created some engaging and fairly unlikable, as well as likeable, characters in grim settings.   A good example of also how to really use colour as a story telling element.

300 – The story of few against many.  This adaption now needs little introduction since its successful leap to the movie screen a few years back.  Again, a staple for any Miller fan and really any comic fan.  The exciting news is Miller is reportedly working on a ‘prequel’ dealing with the campaign of Xerxes. 

Grendel – Mat Wagner’s Grendel has been a popular villain through many series that began in the early 80’s.  Grendel is, by day, a unassuming character where by night from where is lords over a criminal empire.  A highlight for Grendel was a number of cross-overs with DC’s Batman.