And the beat goes on.  Hey there comic’s fan, welcome to another advance look at April 2010 releases.  This time up its Image Comics with what they will feature in the February Previews .  A couple of real bobby dazzlers this round which demonstrates to me whyImage is still an important main publisher.  On with the show…

TURF #1  – First, this is written by Jonathan Ross who is a bit of a British broadcasting icon with his antics over the years.  Anyway, he’s penned this interesting tale, the premises which sets the story in twilight of 1920’s New York.  ‘The Mob’ control New York but someone or something is coming to upset the status quo (“rockin’ all over the world” – indulge me!).  My take is a gritty crime noir with elements of science fiction which sounds both refreshing and promising – 4 part mini-series with a preview of interior art and story at CBR.

THE LIGHT  –( 5 Part mini-series)  Now this I like the sound of.  Something is in the light we rely on at night, the street lamp, the bedside light.  Something is using it as a conduit to infect the population and do, well,  not so nice things to them.  Billed as mix of 30 Days of Night and 28 Days Later this also looks promising.  Check out the first few pages previewed at CBR.  If this delivers on the billing, don’t be surprised to see it on the silver screen in a year or two.

SPAWN #202 – Notable as the new creative team takes over on writing and art.  While I am glad to see Spawn still here, I’m not sure about Vampires becoming his new nemesis (nemisi?) as they are EVERYWHERE at the moment.  Still if the story’s good, then I guess they could be a good match.

MAGDALENA #1 – Mags returns!  Ron Marz charts a new directions and adventure for this lass who will soon be making the jump to a cineplex near you.

PILOT SEASON: HARDCORE #1 – Hardcore, the drug which allows your body to be taken over by another person.  Who would have an interest in such a thing, perhaps an assassin?  Written by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead)

So, you know what to do.  Run, don’t walk to the full list and fill your eye’s with all that Image-y goodness.