Are we really looking at April releases?  Well,  you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d skipped April altogether to the winter months.  Still, coming up in the February Previews are the April releases which will warm your spirits.  You can see all the April releases details for Marvel here.  Onto some highlights:

SIEGE – It’s still all things siege as the mini-series wraps up and changes abound.  There are a number of tie-in books including many one-shots that Marvel is keeping under-wraps, storyline, cover and even the official titles!   Be sure to review all on offer so you don’t get left behind and you can say, I was there when whatever happens, happened.

PHILIP K. DICK’S ELECTRIC ANT #1 (of 5) – The more savvy of us know that Philip K Dick wrote more than just “that Bladerunner book” and here is a fine example.  What’s notable about this adaption is that it is being penned by Mr Kabuki, Dave Mack.

HUSK #1 – Fancy a Robotech-like storyline set in France?  This my float your boat then as this looks at the lives of the police force using Bio-suits which extend their bodies to deal with the crime of the day.  It sounds as though it will be written with a European flare so it could be quite a ride.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHO WON’T WIELD THE SHIELD? –  A one-shot that has a very tongue-in-cheek flavour looking at who won’t be wielding the shield as the Captain America character continues to evolve with the return of Steve Rogers.

MARVEL ZOMBIES 5 #1 & #2 (of 5) – Another in the very popular Marvel Zombie series.  This time there is a Western flare to the tale with appearances by Two-Gun Kid, Phantom Rider, Kid Colt and other cow-pokes.  Game on Zombie lovers!

WORLD WAR HULKS #1 – A one-shot game changer for the Marvel Universe and the Hulk family.  Like conspiracies?  Don’t miss this issue.

IRON MAN: LEGACY #1 – Marvel has listened and gives you a second regular Iron Man series.  This issues set up a conflict against some of shell-heads greatest eastern bloc rivals and the master mind behind it all.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 – Just how far back does S.H.I.E.L.D reach?  Would you believe some of history’s most important characters were Shield agents?  Well wonder no longer true believer and behold the lineage that includes Isaac Newton, Da Vinci and more and the battles they waged long before the heroes of today pulled on their spandex.