Dark Horse redeems itself from a lack lustre March with some few but fine  April releases that sparkle, in an ink-on-paper kind of way.  Check out the full listings posted here at CBR.  Let’s start with:

ALIENS: FAST TRACK TO HEAVEN – Liam Sharp brings his talents to the Aliens universe with this new, one-shot graphic novel.  In some ways it sounds like the standard fare of dumb humans stumble across Aliens whilst exploring planet in the back of beyond…. but wait, it’s not the back of beyond.  It’s Europa, a small moon of Jupiter which kind of sets the story in our galactic back yard.  A bit close for comfort perhaps, particularly as in reality missions to this ice planet are a near-future possibility.   With the reputation Sharp is building for himself in this medium of storytelling, this may well be worth a place on your shelf.

RED TIDE – While not a new work, there are not many existing works more deserving of such a lavish HC treatment with some digital colouring touch ups.  This is some of Jim Steranko’s finest work, just check out his lighting effect on the cover, the man is good!  If you enjoy detective stories with a twist of noir, then look no further – this may arguably be Detective fiction’s Dark Knight Returns.

STAR WARS: PURGE—THE HIDDEN BLADE – Star Wars stories don’t get better when they feature a certain Dark Lord.  With all the other expanded universe yarns that have multiplied faster than a Jawa at a car boot sale, its nice to see a one-shot Vader focused story on offer.  Vader hunting Jedi, it’s got to end badly for the Jedi doesn’t it?

 Plenty of time to view these and the other April releases which will be available for order with the February Previews in….February!