previews.jpgWelcome to a new decade of comics, into which the Previews juggernaut happily rolls.   And so it is we welcome the January 2010 Previews for comics releasing in March 2010.  I’ve already provided some of my thoughts on the main publishers release highlights in recent posts, but let’s recap, given you may have missed these with the holiday season, as well as look at a couple of other releases of note.


Kevin Smith does Green Hornet!  Given his reverence for pulp culture history its not too much a surprise to see him lend his writing pencil to this icon.  His last foray with a green hero (Green Arrow for those of you playing at home) was a critical success so it will be interesting to see what magic he spins with this series.  ‘Ol Hornet has a bit of a stigma given much of his character is rooted in the era he was created and hasn’t transcended the years arguably as well as Batman and others but if anyone can bring something new to the table, it will be Kevin Smith.   Props to Dynamite Entertainment for giving Hornet a new home and they promise that all Kevin’s scripts are in so no delays!

Dark Horse – Terminator bookends the current movie storyline by providing a prequel focusing on Kyle Reese – by Zak WheedonFrank Miller 300 gelskin covers for your i-phone.

DC – The 2010 Superman event begins with Last Stand of New Krypton, an alternate DC Universe gets its first exposure in First Wave,  and take a bite of a new Stephen King helmed thriller series – American Vampire.

Marvel – The mega event of Siege continues.  Check out some positive reviews of the first issue here and here.  Celebrate ‘girl’ comic-power in the Girls miniseries, check out how Iron Man avoided rusting up between the movies of Iron Man 1 and 2 in the mini-series Iron Man 1.5 and a new chapter begins for our mutant friends with the start of the X-Men: Second Coming event.  Get more Stephen King goodness with an adaption of his story “N” from “Just After Sunset

Image – Didn’t quite get to these before Christmas, so here a couple of highlights, like your horror mini-series?  Fade to Black may just be your thing, Spawn starts off a new direction in #201 and Tank Girl has you in her sights in the one-shot Tank Girl: Dirty Helmets

Orders are now officially open for the January Previews, so what are you waiting for? 🙂