Robot 6, a partner with CBR run a column called ‘Shelf Porn’.  Basically if you have shelves, or even a room, full of ‘cool’ stuff, Robot 6 want to see it and share it with the world!  I’ve seen some pretty nice collections posted in the past, both big and small.  Many have strong themes and focus while others are just assortments of all kinds of craziness.   The interesting thing is that whatever the collection, I find you can’t help but check off in your head whenever you see stuff you have, just like we did back in the playground when looking through a friend’s card collection.   I guess that’s human nature to share and compare.  Anyhow, my view is that the column’s real value  lies in demonstrating and inspiring you how you might get the most enjoyment out of your ‘stuff’.   When you have guests around, its one thing to tell them about your collection, but if you can show it off with some flair and class, you may just awaken the collector in them by expanding their horizon on just what amazing stuff is on offer these days.   Simply put, get your  goods out of the cupboard (and even out of the box! Gasp!) and into the light where you and your friends can really appreciate them.    So what are you waiting for?  Get over and check out the current and previous posts and get creative.  I’m sure there are many of you who would be candidates for a future post.