Christmas is over for another year and what contributes to making it magic or mayhem (depending on your point of view) is that it only comes once a year.  What thankfully comes 12 times a year are release notes for our favourite publishers, and just coincidentally, here you can read all of Marvel’s for March 2010.  Right, let’s look at the highlights

SIEGE – Ok, so we know this is one of the BIG events for 2010 and things will happen.  However, Marvel in recent history have delivered when they’ve flagged issues as containing ‘startling revelations’ or ‘cosmic changes for the Marvel Universe’ – just think death of Captain Marvel or the revealing of Spider-Man.  In SIEGE #3 they are, in their own words, promising “What happens next is so epic, so historic, that it changes the entire dynamic of the Marvel Universe. You’re gonna want to be there for this one…trust us”.  The next heads up is that Ultron returns in MIGHTY AVENGERS #35 and again big changes (and a surprise) are promised.   If you’re newer to the Marvel universe, Siege appears to be the culmination of events over the last few years (House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion) whereby power in the hands of villains has increased.  This has allowed Marvel to now stage a war that most would have previously thought unthinkable on the doorstep of the gods in Asgard.  A more detailed looks at these factors will be available in SIEGE #1 DIRECTOR’S CUT.

GIRL COMICS #1 (of 3) – If there’s one thing that can be said against our hobby its is a perceived lack of female participants.  Now certainly that are many of the fairer gender out there reading, enjoying and creating comics or working in some capacity in the industry.  But in my experience its accepted as a largely male dominated domain.  Why?  Movies, TV, Novels, Gaming, even these industries don’t appear to have quite the same imbalance.  We don’t need ‘girls’ to grace comic shops and trade magazines to make them look nice, we need their perspectives, ideas and voice as much as anywhere else in life – this ain’t a PC opinion, it’s just reality folks.  So well done Marvel for celebrating some of the best in the business with this series.  It’s as much a reminder to us lads that some of our best creators are women as well as demonstrating their involvement is wanted and respected. 

SIF #1 – By Odin’s beard!  A character from the pages of Thor leaps into her own title, and begins the fight to reclaim her station as a warrior with the aid of Beta Ray Bill.  Like Thor?  then you’ll love Sif too 🙂

X-23 #1 – A one-shot that takes a closer look at X-23 and her motivations.   Used to fighting for others, a challenge will be made that will force her to make a decision on thinking for, and of, herself to survive. 

STEPHEN KING’S “N.” #1 (of 4) – An adaption of a short story from the recent King release ‘Just after Sunset’.  Set in Maine (of course!) what is the dangerous secret at of Ackerman’s Field?   Adapted by Marc Guggenheim who has written for TV (Law and Order, CSI: Miami) as well as for DC and Marvel.

ULTIMATE COMICS NEW ULTIMATES #1 – With the events the ultimatum Iron Man has a mission to rebuild this team, especially with the threat of Loki launching an attack.    Written by Jeph Loeb.

CLOAK AND DAGGER #1 – Often regarded as a ‘B’ series team, it’s amazing over the years how often you’d see reader’s letters (remember those?) and today’s forum posts asking when this duo would make a return.  Marvel obliges for this one-shot dealing with how they fare after having quit the Dark X-Men.

IRON MAN 1.5 #1 (of 3) – Want to know what OFFICALLY happens between the movies of Iron Man and Iron Man 2?  This mini-series will flesh it all out. 

X-MEN: SECOND COMING and X-MEN: HOPE #1 – leading into the X-Men event of 2010 – Second Coming – , who is the Mutant Messiah?  Is it Hope Summers?  Cable seems to think so.  However, Hope is target like none before, and I’m thinking could this bring about an eradication that leads to a future more depressing that glimpsed in Days of Future Past.

Orders officially open in a few days with the release of the January Previews which will contain all these solicitations for March 2010.  However, feel free to fire through any orders earlier.