DC shifts into overdrive in March with one big event reaching its climax while others are just beginning.  Once you’ve read my highlights, find out all release details here.


Blackest Night – Here we are gang, at the end of the ride and has it been worth it?  Magic 8 Ball (and wise customers) suggests Yes Indeed!   DC focuses on closing out the event efficiently within the pages of Blackest Night #8, Green Lantern #52 and Green Lantern Corps #46.   Will any of the undead survive (work that one out) or will all the evil work of the Black Lanterns be extinguished? 

BATGIRL #8 – This issue is notable as it begins the Red Robin storyline as Tim Drake returns (arguably the smartest Robin yet  but you’d probably still give Dick the nod for being the consummate ‘all rounder’ Robin).  However, it seems that Tim may not be the Tim we grew up with but you’d hope setting up to reclaim the mantle of Robin once Bruce returns…He is returning isn’t he?

SUPERMAN: LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON #1 – Have you been waiting or thinking about getting back into Superman?  If so March will be a good opportunity as a major new storyline takes off.  Essentially the whole New Krypton setup has been leading up to a showdown between General Zod and Braniac (who wants Kandor and its inhabitants back).  The problem is Zod’s strategy involves the Earth and not in a good way.  Superman will be calling in help from Supergirl, Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes.  Sounds….super!  To date the influx of kyptonians to the DCU hadn’t done much for me but this could just be an epic storyline that ties it altogether and delivers on the last few year’s buildup.

FIRST WAVE #1 – The introduction of a new alternate DCU begins here, where all things should – in the golden age of pulp heroes.  Blackhawks, Doc Savage, Spirit, Batman.  How would they survive in  post war world where a secret group of anti-hero powerbrokers shape a world that doesn’t want them?  Will the Silver age be over before it begins?  I suspect, as they did in Jurassic Park, that nature (or spandex) will find a way…

JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE AND FALL SPECIAL #1 – Since Robinson’s first few issues were heavily steered by the events in Blackest Night, I suspect he is using this one-shot to realign the direction of this book.  It appears as though we are going to see a split in the ranks that is created by the events in Cry for Justice.   A significant secret about Green Arrow is to promised to e revealed that will be interesting to see if it ties in with past GA/JLA history or has been newly created for the purposes of Robinson’s run.   The story continues into JLA #43 where it appears the team ‘building’ issues are over and the team as it is faces its first post blackest night threat.  This will be where we’ll expect to see Robinson start to deliver as he brings his vision for the team fully on-line.

SPARTA: USA #1 – another David Lapham outing (Stray Bullets) in what looks to be allegory tale of the dark-side of  realising the American-Dream in the all-American town of Sparta.  Lapham body of work has proven he always brings a balanced mix of real work and dramatic license to his work so this will likely be well worth your time.

GOD OF WAR #1 – Just a note that this series was delayed and has been resolicited to start in March.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE #1 –  If Vampires are responsible for sucking anything as of late, it will be money from punter’s pockets who can’t get enough of our pointy toothed friends.  Personally, I’m a stickler for the classic Hammer vampires (Mr Lee’s portrayal in particular, no soppy angsty stuff in that!)  but this title is interesting in that the co-author is none other than Stephen King, master of horror.   The history of the American vampire starts here and with King on board, this should be good.


  All these and more will be available to order with the January Previews out soon