Beware the ides of March, well maybe not but be informed of these Dark Horses’ offerings for March 2010!

Actually, due to many of Dark Horse’s series I’ve highlighted recently being in mid stream, there’s not a lot to highlight this month, so here’s a good chance to go back and check the January and February 2010 releases – still time to order those too.  It’s worth mentioning that there are some very nice reprints of John Carter of Mars, Little Lulu & Casper if that’s your thing, so check them out. 

THE TERMINATOR #1 (of 3) – Zack Whedon is back, back before the beginning as we knew it in 1984.  I’m not sure what you’ve thought of the direction the Terminator franchise has taken, but Whedon wants to tell the story of a man, a naked man (well at least after time travelling) a man known as Kyle Reese.  Before John Conner sent him back, Kyle and John fought not only T-800s but their little bros’, the T-600s too.  It would be fair to think that no major revelations can come out of this story due to the future firmly having been laid down on the silver screen but not much more has been written on Kyle.  And if anyone can spin a solid back-story yarn worth reading, you can bet on a Whedon to deliver.


Know anyone with an i-phone?  Do they have protective or cosmetic cover for it?  Even if so, they’d be hard pressed to have one that is as style-ly as these Frank Miller Gelskins.   These will make a fantastic gift, and set that i-phone apart from all the others in a very unique way.  These are also available for laptops.  Check out the Dark Horse blurb for more details.

 These will all be officially up for order in early January.  Carpe diem!