Update: Joystiq has posted a teaser trailer for Arkam Asylum II which  hints at where the story goes next.  No surprise that after all that Venom the Joker is looking like he’s gone a few rounds with Lobo (which reminds me just what a great story Batman: Venom was – A pre-Bane exploratory of just how far Batman would go to bypass his human frailties in his quest to deliver vengeance and protect the innocent! – cue dramatic music).

Holy Red Hotline! just as you’re recovering form the madness Arkham threw at you, its time to dust yourself off, ignore that bruising and get ready to meet Gotham’s crown prince crime lord and his envoys of evil head on again in the ongoing battle for the citys’ soul (hey, that wasn’t half bad, anyone at Rocksteady want me to write the back cover blurbs?  Drop me a line! 🙂 ). 

Head over to Gamespy and check out this confirmation of the much-anticipated sequel to arguably this year’s most successful game in terms of execution, adaption across mediums and just plain darn fun.  Who are you?  Batman!