Over this last week, DC have given us an insight to some of their events for the coming year.  Firstly they announced ”Earth One’  which will debut an alternate continuity for Batman and Superman.  Each will have their ‘new’ origin fleshed out in an initial graphic novel with ongoing series, released only as graphic novels to follow.  Further details are here on CBR.  This will be interesting too for the choice of format release which is more in line with how the industry releases material in Europe.  It could work really well, giving you something to look  forward to (and budget for) only a few times a year.

We’ve also had two big events revealed, one being War of the Superman which spins out of the build up of all the kyptonian arrivals that have been occurring over the last couple of years.  The other is the revelation that Bruce Wayne has indeed survived Final Crisis and is trapped in time.  Grant Morrison will be bringing us no only the story of how Bruce is going to try and fight his way back to the DCU of 2010 but each issue of the story will be a love level to various genres of comic stories (Crime, Western, Pirates etc) from the Silver Age.  Can Morrison pull this off?  The controversy is already raging across fanboy forums everywhere (its crap! its great! its tired! no, its genius!)  but lets wait on a few more details and sneak previews before getting to excited.  Me, I’ll be in line for it (and Chris Sprouse of Tom Strong fame will be drawing the Pirate issue!) 

One thing’s for sure, the DCU will not be a quiet place next year and you can bet there’ll be some great reading.