PREVIEWS #12Hope you’re holding out as the silly season cranks into gear with end of the year work pressures and parties etc. To help distract you, take some deserved time out to review your orders in the December Previews for comics releasing in February 2010.  If you need a spreadsheet of this month’s previews, drop me an email and I’ll get one to you.

As well as the big four’s highlights I:ve covered in earlier posts below, here are a couple of other gems to consider by Warren Ellis.

  As flagged in a recent post I did on recommended works by Ellis, February sees Avatar Comics release two of his works, one which I’ve previously discussed, Ignition City. You can go back to my post for the details, but essentially it’s a steam punk-western in space – fantastic stuff. It is being offered in a soft cover tpb and limited edition (2000 copies) hard cover. The other treasure to be sure is issue #1 of a new 4 part mini-series brilliantly titled “Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island”  If you enjoy Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this will likely be right up you alley – The setting is 1830 London but all is not as it should be with technology appearing that is out of time and the very real  legend of Spring Heeled Jack bringing mayhem to London’s lamp-lit cobbled streets.  Honestly, this is Ellis at the height of his mad genius and you’re in time to get on board.

Orders close December 24 – Just in time for you to get an early night before the jolly red fella pays a visit.