Brian Cronin of CBR’s popular Comic Book Legends Revealed column is asking a question of you, what are your top 10 covers from DC?  Here, he’s provided you a choice of 90 covers from across the decades, many of which you’ll at least recognise or perhaps own (and if you’re lucky, both!).  It’s a fun exercise (hopefully they’re do Marvel, Dark Horse and Image), but what I really got out of the exercise was a reminder of the nostalgia and memories cover images bring, be it comics or other books.  Looking at these covers may take you back to a time and place when life was a bit simpler or perhaps YOUR  ‘golden age’ of comics.  The titles from the 90’s (Knightfall, Death of Superman, Kingdom Come, Preacher) remind me of not only some great stories, but the glory days of Bag End Books.  Long, warm summer days watching the world rush past the large front window while inside time would slow just enough provide folk an oasis to escape to in the middle of their hectic day.  In-depth discussions would be had over the counter over many finer points of anything that was popular culture, pausing only to admire the occasional scafie of the fairer sex as they wafted past ignorant to their super-like ability to distract. 

That’s one thing I like about this hobby.  While most of us derive enjoyment from one or more forms of digital entertainment, tangible treasures like comics give us something deeper – more than just their face value entertainment.  We get satisfaction in the effort it can take to put a collection of comics together but also that they can act as physical touchstones to various passages of our lives – reminding us of times, places or people which were important to us at the point these works came into our possession.  Furthermore, the covers themselves become a gallery that reflect trends of the time in style and purpose.  And every now and again those special ones come along which go on to take a greater role than merely fronting one issue, instead elevating to define a character or story for a generation. 

Anyway, I’m finished reminiscing for now and inviting you to head on over and check out the article.  Enjoy where ever it may take you and who knows, maybe our paths will cross somewhere on memory lane.