In case you didn’t know (and it somehow bypassed my radar) there’s a new Asterix book out! Celebrating both Asterix and Obelix’s 50th birthday, you’ll need little excuse to enjoy adding, maybe for the last time, a new Asterix title to your bookshelf.

Media reports suggest mixed reviews of this latest solo effort by Uderzo, and I must admit I’m from the generation who believe the magic died along with Goscinny’s parting from this world.  I agree with calls for Uderzo to pass the torch to a young generation of writers, I imagine he could ease the transition by assisting in a production capacity.  Still, this one is probably worth a look given it’s likely Uderzo last outing (he’s in his 80s) but thinking about it, that’s what I told myself two books back.  Still, I’m somewhat guided by my childhood heart and rather forgiving of any Asterix effort.

What do you think?  Should the torch be passed or should Asterix hang up his sword, Getafix put out the fire under the cauldron, Obelix deliver his final Menhir and the village enjoy one more banquet together and gracefully fade into literary history?    What was Asterix’s finest adventure?  A tough call but I might have to put forward Asterix and Cleopatra, but then again…

Quoting the Independent (October 14, 2009) , “Asterix has now been translated into over 100 languages, sold 325 million copies of 33 books, spawned eight animated adventures and three live action films.”