I can’t say I’m overly inspired by many of the new releases from Image February 2010 releases, but they admittedly have many fine works on the go already and will be celebrating one very significant milestone!

 SPAWN #200 – This takes me back, remembering just what a big deal it was when Image arrived with its middle finger extended to the old guard and released virtually hit after hit (in terms of numbers sold at least).  Well, many of those ‘hits’ burnt out over the years but along with ol’ Savage Dragon, Spawn has endured and it nothing else, 200 issues is a commendable effort.  Will it reach 300 like earlier independent title holder Cerebus?  Maybe.  In the meantime I think I might go dig out my first few issues and enjoy where it all started before this milestone hits the press.

  INVINCIBLE RETURNS #1 – This one-shot issue serves as a jumping on point for any of you who’ve ever been curious about this title (one which I’ve recommended previously) or who’ve lost track and what to get back on it.  Big events are about to go down in Invincible’s universe but it’s not too late to get up to speed and find out why there is more to this title than first appears. 

 CHASE VARIANT ONE SHOT (IS ALL I NEED) (ONE-SHOT) – Want to read about a four-armed assassin? (scantily clad of course being a female assassin).  Well Rich Johnson of Lying in the Gutters editorial and the Bleeding Cool website (see sidebar) will bring you just such a story and more come February.  Given the dry sense of humour(?) we’re used to with Rich, this is worth checking out.

Plus don’t forget the other Image class acts such as Walking Dead, Darkness and Savage Dragon are available, just check out the February listings.