These summer releases from Marvel for February 2010 will keep it hot with Siege staring to wind into top gear promising the death of an Avenger!…  Also don’t forget to check out:


TALES OF THE DRAGON GUARD #1 (of 3) – Dragon’s are a classic story device and don’t seem to ever have gone out of favour.  Marvel must agree so here is a tasty sounding/looking 3 part mini series dealing with Dragon’s causing carnage and the birth of a dragon resistance!  Of course, only scantily clad virgin women can penetrate the Dragons’ defences and so become the weapon of this resistance.  If that’s not a winning plot, I’m not sure what is. 

HITMAN MONKEY #1 – A hitman with guns is normal, A hitman with guns who is a monkey?  Not so normal but a whole lot of fun.  Spins out of Deadpool (which explains a bit) and a cover by Frank Cho of Liberty Meadows fame.

ULTIMATE COMICS X #1 – The ultimate universe has been building up for a while to revealing who this character is who will have a very real impact.

Siege tie-in issues – Marvel aren’t being shy at having many titles join in the Siege party.  A couple of worthy of note, Thor #607 because Asgard is the backyard he grew up in so you think he’ll be first in line to defend it and Thunderbolts #141.  The Thunderbolts under Norman’s direction are going to go directly up against the Avengers, playing a large role in the overall Siege storyline.  Again, the covers deserve a special mention as Marvel’s art department have done a stella job in creating a visual thread to tie these issues together.

INDOMITABLE IRON MAN BLACK & WHITE  – A one-shot that will be done in black and white but with modern art style.  As all things Iron Man are heating up, Marvel is releasing many Iron Man titles.  What’s notable about this effort is that Howard Chaykin will be providing one of the stories.