If the first month of 2010 seemed a bit quiet from DC, they appear to be making up for it come February.  Reading through these DC February releases that will feature in the December Previews, we can see the likes of Blackest Night amping up for some big payoffs and the hint of even bigger things to come in the DC universe over the rest of the year.  Ok, so what should be on your radar?

BLACKEST NIGHT #7  – It’s always darkest before the dawn, or so the saying goes and this will likely prove so with the second to last issue in this very well received event.  Also notable this month are some Blackest Night tie-ins for you to consider, ADVENTURE COMICS STARRING BLACK LANTERN SUPERBOY #7 and BLACK LANTERN GREEN ARROW #30.  To be fair, it’s actually hard to consider anything when the only thing DC will tell you about the contents is that they’re TOP SECRET, even so far as to black out the covers of these, and other Blackest Night comics for February.  But hey, get reckless and buy into the thrill of the ride, you’ve come this far!

SUPERGIRL #50 – This issue is notable for three things.  Firstly, it will debut a new foe for Supergirl as well as develop Lana Lang’s character and how she relates to Supergirl.  Second, a backup feature depicting a day in the life of supergirl is co-authored by Helen Slater, the actress from the original, and much maligned, Supergirl movie.  Lastly, but not least, it will feature an evocative cover by the late Michael Turner, reason enough for many fans to buy and enjoy his gift of art one more time.

HUMAN TARGET #1 – I’m honestly not up with the play on this title and the Fox TV series but if you like high adventure mixed with espionage, this may well float your boat.  The back up feature will feature art by Tom Strong artist, Chris Sprouse.

MILESTONE FOREVER #1 – If you ever followed one or more of the Milestone titles, this release serves to concludes all the storylines in one dynamic title and end the Milestone Universe but replace it with something new.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA ANNUAL #1 – Building on developments from both Magog and JSA All Stars where a DCU secret is revealed, next year’s annual is co-authored by Kieth Giffen.  Let the fabulous madness begin! 🙂

JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE #7 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #42 – Cry for Justice plays out is finale which leads directly into JLA #42.  While the mini-series ends, the effects have only begun to play out.  This is the perfect opportunity to jump on board as Robinson seeks to restore JLA to its flagship status.   Most importantly in this issue, will the current Batman accept a call to join the league’s ranks? 

BATMAN AND ROBIN DELUXE EDITION VOL. 1: BATMAN REBORN HC – Missed the first 6 issues which was split across two, 3-part storylines?  Well fear not Bat fan, DC will serve up this tidy offering in April (they need a longer lead in time for new TPB releases)  that will have you up to speed with how DC and Grant Morrison reinvented the Batman and Robin relationship – a more restrained Batman to balance a very wild Robin.  A fresh angle which is at the same time familiar.  Most importantly, it works extremely well.   Note that February also sees a double serve of the monthly Batman and Robin with both issues 8 and 9 being released concluding the Blackest Knight storyline.

 WEDNESDAY COMICS HC – Holy Cow.  You no doubt remember me banging on about this series, a 12 week experiment where utilising an insert-like format harking back to the paper inserts of yesteryear,  DC serialised stories in strips featuring some of their best-loved characters written and drawn by a powerhouse team of writers and artists.  It was thought it couldn’t be done due to size, but they will release a tomb of book collecting all 12 issues.  This will be spectacular to display as well as read and will feature additional content such as unpublished pages and concept art.  This is a rare example where the format was as much a true piece of art as its content, and both were O for awesome.

  ABSOLUTE PLANETARY BOOK TWO HC – You know the deal with the Absolute collections, DC’s premiere collected format.  Its Planetary’s turn again with volume two.  The nice thing about this is that in two very handsome collections, you’ll have the entire collection, vol 2 including the recently released final issue, #27.  Again, you want to sex up your bookcase?  It doesn’t come much sexier than this.  Releasing July 2010.

SWEET TOOTH #6 – Rumblings about this title are getting louder meaning its time to take another look.  There’s some info here on this wiki entry and with folk like Geoff Johns giving it props, and comparisons with the Cohen Brothers films and Tim Truman’s Scout in the months to come this may prove to be another Vertigo success story.  

 December orders will be officially taken in a few weeks but why wait?  Email me your orders as soon as you’ve made you selections.