As they like to do, Dark Horse bolt out in front showing what they have in store in the December 2009 Previews for comics releasing in February 2010!

ALIENS: MORE THAN HUMAN (US$15.99)- Every now and again, publishers get brave and commit to telling story it one outing via the ‘graphic novel’, this time with perhaps one of their most successful licenses, Aliens.   The plot reads like solid horror formula, puny humans find planet, explore in a group and get gobbled up one by one.  However, mix in the Alien and you know this should play out in a very entertaining way.  From the sounds of it this story will also be realised as a major game release across all next-gen platforms next year as well.

This release will also time nicely with news that Ridley Scott is coming back to the franchise he helped start by directing a prequel to his original Alien.  Yet another sign of Hollywood going back to licenses that are tried and trusted.  Along with the promised reinvention of Predator by Rodriguez, we could be in for another golden age like the 80s (but I doubt it 🙂 those innocent days are not destined to be repeated, kids don’t stay kids long enough anymore! )

THE BOOK OF GRICKLE – This tpb collects past Grickle releases that have reportedly been getting some Borat-level “high five” in mainstream press.  The concept is everyday life portrayed through Grickle with humorous twists.  What makes me take notice is the introduction for the book is provided by Mr Jeff Smith, arguably one of the most recognised ‘independent’ authors of the modern age of comics.  Let hope Graham Annable, author of Grickle, can aspire to the levels of success enjoyed by Smith, and you can help him out by giving it a try.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #32: TWILIGHT part 1 (of 5) – Ok, so what direction is Joss Whedo…. wait a minute, Brad Meltzer is writing this?  New York Times top-selling author who also penned some high-profile titles for DC?  Well basically yes.  Alright, so it may not be THAT big a deal, but he’s still a major name to be taking young Buffy and pals out for a spin.  This storyline will progress season 8 towards it climax.  What are these new powers Buffy has taken on, what is Willow up to?  And Twilight’s identity will be revealed.  Now, is that just me or is it a coincidence in a vampire comic that a character is named Twilight?  Perhaps this Twilight has been around longer than the other property but whatever, it’s a good time for getting a ravenous market’s attention to drive up sales.

DEVIL #1 (of 4) –   Vampires meet 28 Days later.  ‘Devils’ are the names for humans infected by a virus rampaging around the globe, wiping out humanity by turning everyday folk into bloodsuckers of superhuman proportions.  The creators of Devil have some serious pedigree, being famed Japanese studio Madhouse and Manga artist Torajiro Kishi.   If you enjoy your manga/anime, this should seriously be on your radar.

THE TALE OF ONE BAD RAT – back in print, I remember reading this in the mid 90’s and it truly is  a classic piece of work.  Its been showered with many awards and praise by the likes of Gaiman, Moore etc as well as critical praise in mainstream media.  It tells a heart wrenching story of Helen Potter, abused as a child and the toll this takes on her.  Later in her youth, she retraces the journey that a young Beatrix Potter embarked on many years before and somehow their worlds meet when Helen needs it most.  This book would honestly be at home on just about anyone’s bookshelf.  Great to see it available again.

You know the drill, orders for these titles and more will ‘officially’ open with the December Previews in a few weeks, but feel free to confirm any orders to me via email now.