11-Nov09-Marvel-Previews-cover.jpgNovember, Guy Fawkes, seven (or so) weeks to Christmas and…more comics, your one true constant through each and every month.  Ah bless them.  Ok, so orders are now ‘officially’ open for the November Previews for comics shipping in January.  See all of my recent posts  for some of this month’s Preview highlights from the stables of Dark Horse, Image, DC and Marvel.

Siege from Marvel is shaping up to really start the year off on a high and DC’s ‘one (Blackest) night only’  release of some classic titles should prove popular, particularly the Starman issue.

So be sure to school up on my recent posts, check out the relevant publishers sites and order accordingly.   Remember it may be holidays for some, but your hobbies don’t holiday!   Orders officially close November 26.