Hi all,  looking now at the offerings Marvel will be soliciting in the November 2009 Previews for comics releasing in the New Year.  Marvel are hitting the ground running for sure, so let’s check out how you can keep up:

SIEGE #1 (of 4) – well, we’ve come to the final(?) act of Marvel’s massive storyline that has played out over the numerous Events including House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion and even Avengers Disassembled.  Norman Osbourne has now only to conquer one last outpost of resistance, the heroes and Gods gathered in Asgard!!   So begins the siege of Asgard.  This one promises significant changes to the Marvel universe and I must admit that the covers to the main mini-series as well as all the issues that tie in look really striking, good design work.  Be sure to check it out and order the mini-series and ties in accordingly.  Brought to you by Mr Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel’s answer to Geoff Johns.

ULTIMATE COMICS ENEMY #1 (of 4) – It’s that guy Bendis again!  This time he’s promising something unseen in the Marvel Ultimate universe and when Bendis talks, it’s often worth listening.    Predictably Marvel isn’t giving much away but if you’re an Ultimate fan, put this one on your radar.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #617 – Grab your thunderbluster, it’s the Rhino!  Check out the covers (some are variants so will be likely rare as).  I can’t help but be reminded of the ‘fist of Doomsday’ panels DC used over 4 weeks in the Superman comics back in the early 90’s.  Even it they’re not a homage to that, they’re effective in that I can see folks wanting all three.

HULK #19 – So, the fall of the Hulk’s begins here.  Me think puny Marvel underestimate Hulks!  Em, anyways, this issue The Thing throws down against the Red Hulk in what’s sure to be a messy affair.  And who are the Frightful Four?  Maybe Marvel’s first family in Halloween get-up?  The Fall of the Hulks also continues in INCREDIBLE HULK #606 and FALL OF THE HULKS: RED HULK #1 (of 4).

IRON MAN: I AM IRON MAN #1 (of 2) – I’m flagging this one more out of curiosity than anything.  Call me crazy, but common practice is to run a comic adaption of a movie at the same time (if not before) the movie is released.  Well, here we are a good number of months since Iron Man left the cinema and Marvel see’s fit to adapt it.  And the reason is so it’s out before Iron Man 2’s silver screen debut?  Hmmm, not sure Marvel Marketing got that one right but maybe because they haven’t rushed it, it will actually turn out to be pretty good!  Written by Peter David.

This and so much more Marvel will be available for order when November previews orders officially open in a few days, but why wait, get your want list in to me now!