dccomicssolicitlogo2010 – Will Arthur C Clark be right and will this be the year we make contact?  Well DC will be contacting YOU with many great offerings, starting off with these  for a relatively quiet January (mainly due to the Blackest Night juggernaut still in full flight).  Here are some of the highlights: 

STARMAN #81 – DC is reviving a number of classic series for a one-off return as part of the Blackest Night event.  The titles making a ‘one night only’ appearance are Atom and Hawkman #46 (Geoff Johns), Catwoman #83 (Fabian Nicieza), Phantom Stranger #42 (Peter Tomasi), Power of Shazam #48 (Eric Wallce), The Questions #37 (Greg Rucka), Weird Western Tales #71 (Dan Dido) and Suicide Squad #67 (Ostrander and Simone).  Many of these are series that have been retired for some time!  However, undoubtably the most sought after will be this Starman issue which sees the title reunited with the man who made it his own, James Robinson.

Batman and Robin #7 – Grant Morrison’s influence in the DC universe continues with the start of a new 3 part storyline in this issue.  However, what really interests me is that promise of starting to payoff some of the mystery surrounding the ‘death’ of Bruce Wayne in Final Crisis.  Remember that scene where, just before being fried by Darkseid’s Omega beams, he looked to some one/thing off panel and said “you”?  Perhaps we’re about to find out what the Bat saw.

The Brave and the Bold #31 – J Michael Strazynski has done some interesting things in comics over the years.  This issue may prove to be one of the more memorable ones if he can pull off the potential – the scenario being The Atom takes a journey into the head of The Joker!   

Joe the Barbarian #1 ( of 8 ) – this has Grant Morrison’s signature all over it, yet the premise is a refreshing break from superhero fare and may have a significant amount of heart at its centre.  Basically, the tale is of a boy who suffers being a social outcast and a body prone to disease for which he must take life saving medicine.  One thing going for Joe is that he has access to a wild fantasy land where his toys come to life and real dangers conspire against him.  Can Joe become a hero to a land under siege and have adventures other kids only watch on the screen or is he just tripping on side effects while the real world passes him by?

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These, and all DC’s other fine offerings will be available to order from the November Previews in a couple of weeks.