October 09 PreviewsApologies for the tardiness in posting, but better late than never.  Orders are now being officially taken for the October 2009 Previews for comics shipping in December.

As I didn’t get around to previewing the Image December releases, lets take a look at some of the highlights now:

GOD COMPLEX #1 – This is Image’s big release for the Summer (or conversely Winter if you’re Northern Hemisphere orientated).  This one looks to be a doosey, a bobby dazzler or to be more modern; sick, massive and/or poppin’.  Why?  Well because its brought to you by the talented Mr Michael Avon Oeming, co creator of Powers and sole creator of Mice Templar series.


THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT: SILVER STREAK COMICS #24 – Possibly playing off a riff that’s resonated from DC’s successful homage to comic strips of yesteryear with their recent “Wednesday Comics“, Image present their own love letter to the industry’s golden age .  The Next Issue Project will be a series of comics that continue for one more outing, a comic title from the golden age and promises to deliver a complete, self contained story .  The first offering will feature the golden age Daredevil, recently seen in Dynamite’s Project SuperPowers.

TANK GIRL: DARK NUGGETS (ONE-SHOT) – For those of you who like your comic heroines down and dirty, here’s some more Tank Girl commin’ at ya.  As well as a interesting titled issue (Dark Nuggets?  too much fiber perhaps Tank Girl?) this one promises to feature among other things a 1970s game show host.  I tell ya, it doesn’t get much better than that in comic promotions.

The Darkness/Darkchylde/Witchblade: Kingdom of Pain One Shot – These old Image stablemates hook up for a wholesome threesome that promises some new beginnings and a formidable foe that will take them to places dark…

SPAWN #199 – Just so you don’t forget #200 is around the corner.  Not too bad an effort when you think about it.

As well don’t forget the fine December offerings DC and Marvel are bringing you for your Christmas reading pleasure.  JSA All-Stars and  Dante’s Inferno will be on DC fans wish lists while Marvel’s What If one shots and Fall of the Hulks will bring much seasonal cheer.  And Dark Horse will be putting their Hellboy and Willow one-shots in stockings of good boys and girls.

Orders officially close on October 22nd so plenty of time to get your finalise your orders and email them in.