Here you’ll find out what the October Marvel Previews has in store for Marvel’s releases in December. 

CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHO WILL WIELD THE SHIELD? – Steve Rogers returned but Bucky holds the shield.  Ed Brubaker is going to chart which way this goes, one or the other or maybe even both?  I can’t’ see the latter residing well with the fan base so it will be interesting to see what Ed can make of this.

HALO: BLOOD LINE #1 (of 5) – The Halo franchise keeps keeping on.  ODST has been released to positive reviews and Halo Reach is building the anticipation.  In the meantime Marvel further expands on the Halo Universe with this miniseries.

SPIDER-MAN NOIR: EYES WITHOUT A FACE #1 (of 4) – The year is 1934, WWII is yet to loom on the world horizon and America is rebuilding after the great depression.   New York is a global boom town and here we find a familiar character in Peter Parker who still has the alter ego of Spiderman.  Marvel, (like DC and its often missed Elseworlds brand)  enjoys the ‘alternate’ reality tale of its characters.  This historical displacement of Spiderman sounds promising as the this era will also see the rise of the super villain!

WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #3 – The return of Rhino!  Now’s here’s a character I’ve not seen in some time.  This appearance is building up to a storyline that will play out in ‘Amazing’ and I’m curious to see how well they can pull of Rhino and make him less of a 2nd string villain for Spiderman.  A man in a spandex suit with a big horn on his head?  It ain’t easy but let’s give them some space to make this work.

FALL OF THE HULKS GAMMA – Super scribe Jeph Loeb brings what Marvel is promising is THE setup to Marvel’s biggest 2010 event.  With all the characters that have been added to the Hulk ‘family’ over the last few years, things are going to come to a head and in true Comic fashion, that means there is going to be a casualty!

WHAT IF? ASTONISHING X-MEN, WORLD WAR HULK, DAREDEVIL VS ELEKTRA, SPIDERMAN HOUSE OF M, SECRET INVASION – The What If? Title returns with these five one-shots taking a look at what might have happened with some recent Marvel events such as What if the Skrulls had won or What if the heroes had lost to the rampaging Hulk?