Howdy all,

Ok, here we are looking at the last month of 2009!  DC offerings appear here showcasing what will be in the October Previews for December release.  What treasures can you find to put under your Christmas tree and give you a good supply of material to read in to those long barmy summer evenings?  Glad you asked….

Blackest Night – The night draws longer and three new 3-part miniseries join DC’s summer event storyline.   Blackest Night: Flash by Geoff Johns, Blackest Night: JSA by James Robinson and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka.  Plus some more tie in issues help flesh out the effects the Black Lanterns are having on the DC Universe.

DC HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2009 #1 – The annual DC traditional holiday special is back for 09/10 season.  Merry misadventures make marvellous mellowing magically memorable.

JSA ALL-STARS #1 – A new spin-off title from the events in the recent JSA storyline.   

DANTE’ S INFERNO #1 (of 6) – Another game property tie-in though this one has some serious historical literary chops being base ‘pon the work of Dante Alighieri.  The poem is based on a medieval concept of Hell and the game (and thus this comic adaption) reworks the original story to cast Dante’s character as a returning hero of the crusades whom must save his murdered fiancé’s soul which now dwells with the devil!  This game is thought to be the Xbox’s answer to Sony’s God of War franchise.  Interesting (or not as the case may be for you dear reader) this was also a game on the humble but ever revered Commodore 64 back in the mid 80’s.

HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM HC – A brand new original graphic novel which bases its horror theme on very real and current world events.  Jamie Delano reunites with John Constantine as he was the very first writer to script John’s adventures in the magical underworld some 25 years ago.

BATMAN BLACK & WHITE STATUE: BATMAN BY FRANK QUITELY – DC Direct does many amazing figures and cold cast porcelain statues.  This one caught my eye as in its simplicity is its appeal.  This rendition of the Dark Knight captures Quitely’s vision of Dick Grayson in the Cowl and Cape very nicely and is nicely priced at only US$80.

Enjoy perusing through these and all the other titles DC has on offer.  Order officially open in  couple of weeks.