Welcome back all,

Check out here for a look at what Dark Horse will be featuring in the October Previews for release in December 2009. 

Again, Dark Horse has a lot of series mid run, but they’re offering up some nice one shots and other bits and pieces:

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SUPERNATURAL DEFENSE KIT – Part comic, part collectibles, this is the return of a previous favourite that has been out of print.  The collectibles are taken from the story and have been cleverly worked into the book so they form part of the story.  The collectibles include Buffy’s, a Claddagh Ring and a vial of holy water with silver flakes.  That should see you right!

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW (One shot) – Written by Josh Whedon himself, this one shot purports to take Willow as she appeared in series 8 to her next evolution.  Willow has been on a journey of sorts, can now fly, teleport and would make a good long term companion for Dr Who/Ra’s Al Ghul given she may be immortal.  What will Willow become next?  Only Mr Whedon has the answers for you…

CONAN THE CIMMERIAN: THE WEIGHT OF THE CROWN (one shot) – Written and drawn by Darick Robertson, famous for his art work on The Boys and Transmetropolitan.   I’m sure Robertson has been learning some particularly good shock and awe tricks from Mr Ennis so this one shot should see Conan at his bloody best.

HELLBOY: THE BRIDE OF HELL (One shot) – Mignola and Richard Corben team up again in a story that features King Solomon.  Wacky.

Also, if you have (or know someone with) an iPhone, check out Dark Horse’s protective covers under their Gelaskins range and wrap a phone in comic-y goodness.

Official orders for the October Previews will open in approximately 2 weeks.