September starts not only with Spring but another Previews!  While we’ve looked at some of the main highlights, lets recap them and look checkout  another interesting title on offer:  

Supergod: From Warren Ellis (Authority, Planetary, Ministry of Space) has work on a lot of creator owned material over the last decade.  This piece of work however (5 part series) sounds awesome with  striking cover image to generate attention.  This is another Ellis hero dissection that sounds like it will strike a chord with anyone who has enjoyed the material of Watchmen, Kingdom Come and other Ellis hero introspections.   The story simple; how the human need for super human intervention led to the destruction of the human race, no doubt this will be viewed as an analogy for many of tomorrow’s threats that are waiting just over the rise to claim us.  And being from Ellis, you can guarantee it will be a full on, not for the kiddies, ride.

November Release Recaps:

DC Comics: – Don’t forget your Blackest Night tie in choices, A new Lobo 2 miniseries, Victorian Zombies and gaming goodness in Modern Warfare 2

Marvel – Bendis returns with new Powers, Alice returns to Wonderland, Deathlok to the Marvel Universe and the Dark Tower story continues

Image – United Image (a title that would not have been appropriate a decade ago) and a new Ministry of Space tpb, hoorah!

Dark Horse – Dr Horrible, Star Wars and dinosaurs walk again in a new Age of Reptiles miniseries.

All in all, a pretty solid month, and next month, what’s Santa going to have in his comic sack for us all?  Stay tuned true believers….