The latest Comic Shop News(Vol. 1156) gives comprehensive details on upcoming and exciting comics releases  from many of today’s finest publishers.  I thought I’d spotlight a few projects of interest that caught my eye.  Keep in mind most of these releases will be beyond our normal two month advance previews information, so I’d recommend you put anything of interest on whatever reminder list you keep!  Rest assured, I’ll be doing my bit to remind you nearer the time 🙂

Bone: Courtesy of Scholastic, new Bone stories from Jeff Smith will be adding to your bookshelves over the next few years.  First up a new series by (W: Smith/Sniegoski A: Smith) titled Bone: Tall Tales will start next year focusing on characters from the Boniverse.  Bone: Quest for the Spark Vol 1 -3 (W: Sniegoski A: Smith) will be released Fall 2010/Spring 2011/Summer 2011 respectively. 

Flash: Following the six part Flash: Rebirth, Geoff Johns will be race the Flash headfirst into Blackest Night with a limited Blackest Night: Flash series.  Johns is also being tipped to co-write a live action Flash movie.

 Jim Shooter: Dark Horse has obtained the rights to Gold Key properties Dr Solar: Man of the Atom, Turok, Magnus Robot Fighter and others.  Now who better to saddle up and ride these to success than Jim Shooter, who did just that at Valiant in the early 90s.  CSN suggests a launch in early 2010.

Joss Whedon: Has green lighted the development of a series based on ‘Wash’ from Firefly/Serenity.  Whedon is also working on a horror film ‘Cabin in the Woods’(Feb 2010 according to the teaser poster) as well as the comic tie-in which are planned to debut together. 

Justice League of America: When James Robinson takes over in October, the DC ‘holy trinity’ of Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman will be present, but they will the new blood currently inhabiting these superhero personas.

Vertigo + Grant Morrison = Joe the Barbarian.  Joe is diabetic who is transported to a fantasy sword and sorcery world when he mismanages his diabetes.  Only from the mind of Morrison….

Wildstorm will give you DV8 fans something to deviously smile about with a new 8 part series.  I remember the late 90’s series having a particularly nasty streak to it.  Ahead of its time maybe?

Disney jumps on the game to comics bandwagon with its Prince of Persia offerings.  These will serve as a prelude to the upcoming movie from super producer, Jerry Bruckheimer.

IDW – New Danger Girl from J Scott Campbell, Former DC honcho, Bob Schreck new position at IDW should see him helm some winning projects as he did for DC.

Marvel –  Red She Hulk will following in the footsteps of her Red male lead and World War Hulks (yes plural!) by Loeb and Romita Jr.


So strap in all, the ride’s only just beginning!