Our comic discussion is going so well, let’s keep it going and have a look at Marvel’s November 2009 offerings as shown here for the September Previews.  Here’s just a small sample of new releases coming out from the House of Ideas…

DARK TOWER: THE BATTLE OF JERICHO HILL #1 (of 5)– The expansion of the Gunslinger’s story continues, brought to you by the decent pairing of Peter David on script and Jae Lee on the pencilling.    If you’ve been enjoying the previous instalments, I’d hazard a guess you’ll be wanting to check this out.

THE MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ #1 (of 8 ) – An all ages treat revisiting the eternal land of Oz to bring you characters old and new.  The interesting spelt artist Skottie Young looks to have an appealing and appropriate style for telling Oz-based tales making this worth a consideration.  Follows on from the Wonderful World of Oz series.

DEATHLOK #1 (of 7) – Playing on a Running Man riff, Marvel brings back the Deathlok!

 ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS (One-shot) – Greg Pak (Planet Hulk, Word War Hulk) ups the ante again in this one-shot featuring (deep breath) Hercules! Spider-Man! Ares! New Avengers! Wolverine! Mighty Avengers! The Agents of Atlas! Spandex vs. the   Gods in what should be an over-the-top fiesta of fun.

DARK X-MEN #1 (of 5) – Writer Paul Cornell (who has scripted Dr Who) brings us this ominously titled miniseries.  This, as the blurb explains, is Norman Osborn’s X team and I’ve no doubt they’re not going to be going door to door selling girl guide biscuits.

POWERS #1 – Bendis’ creator owned success story returns!  Think of this as a Law and Order, only the detectives in this series specialise in Spandexcide – the murder of super powered folk.  If you’ve not checked out Powers before then here’s your chance to try it out at the start of a fresh new series.  And if you need more, there’s plenty of tpb goodness to catch up on too. 

Look out for a closing date for November orders in the coming weeks, but as always feel free to send me your pre-orders.