Ok, this time we’re looking at November releases from Image – let’s get straight into it…

IMAGE UNITED #1 (of 6) – Hopefully this is better received and executed than the ill-fated 10th anniversary release.  This one has your original Image creators, bringing their original creations together in the mother of all Image Cross-overs.  Except from coming together to flight a global threat, not much else is given away.  The reality is that this is an event comic where just the team up of fictional characters and real life creators will sell the book alone but let’s hope they’ve mapped out an engaging plot.

HAUNT #2 – This Robert Kirkman/Todd McFarlane new series ratchets up a gear with issue #2.  Also on offer is a special edition of issue #1 for those complete-ists out there.  

MINISTRY OF SPACE TP (new printing) – This was a great  three issue series that for some reason I only ended up getting the first two issues of.  An interesting story of what if Britain had a Ministry of Space and led the space race in the formative years of the 20th century.  If you ever liked Dan ‘I say, take that Mekon’ Dare, this is for you.  This tpb edition has some ‘special features’ that sound like they’ll be worth a read.

Pilot Season: Murderer #1 – Robert Kirkman strikes again!  I like the premise of this, basically a character who can ‘hear’ the dark, repressed secrets and thoughts of those around him.  He wants to do good but the information overload is too much and the only way to get peace is to murder those that are disturbing him.  Surely some ‘public good’ could come of this? J  Kirkman likes the moral drama card in his storytelling and to date he’s played it well so it’s fair to expect this should be an interesting read.

Have you checked out the trailer for Avatar?  What are your thoughts, will it be worth 17 years worth of waiting and become another Cameron classic?  Click here if you’re not in the loop yet…. 

Don’t forget, orders for the August Previews close next week Wednesday, so don’t forget to check back on the new offerings for October.