Howdy all,

Let’s take some time out and relax to discuss comics, today’s subject being DC titles that appear here and that will appear in the September Previews for November release.  So what’s on offer you’ll want to make sure is on order for delivery to your file as the days grow longer and warmer? 

  • Blackest Night – by now you’ll know this awesome Green Lantern based event is in full swing.   The result being that now the ramifications are rippling throughout the DC universe, as can be seen in a number of ‘tie-in’ issues scheduled for November.  So if you’re enjoying Blackest Night, and you just can’t get enough you’ll want to consider picking up: Booster Gold #26, Doom Patrol #4, Justice League of America #39, REBELS #10, Teen Titans #77 and Outsiders #24.  We all know it’s a bit of a money spinner when companies do ‘tie ins’ but usually at least one or two of them tie in strongly enough you don’t want to miss them so have a close read of the synopsis of each issue and order accordingly.  My picks would be at least looking at REBELS #10 and JLA #39 but to be fair DC have not, as was past protocol, dragged in ALL DC Universe titles (such as the Superman family) and they all sound interesting.
  • BATMAN/DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL #1 – Brian Azzarello shines a light on a classic pulp character, Doc Savage and puts him up against the Bat in a pulp influenced version of the DC Universe.  This will be an early years Batman tale and by the write up sounds like a springboard into telling other tales in this version of the DCU with the many classic characters DC has in its roster. 
  • LOBO: HIGHWAY TO HELL #1 (of 2) – The man is back!  There will be carnage,  chaos and more carnage as that’s really how all Lobo stories go.  Anthrax’s Scott Ian debut’s in the comic’s world with a story featuring very un-PC plot devices such as a lobo-hating Satan, bleeding dolphins and demonic Chihuahuas.  Garth Ennis would be proud!   Hope DC’s editors have proofed this one before it ships 🙂
  • ABSOLUTE GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH HC – This is where it all really started for Geoff Johns as DC’s super-writer of the moment and the acclamation of Green Lantern as one of DC’s top titles.   Pricey but worth it as a corner-stone event in DC’s history.
  • VICTORIAN UNDEAD #1 – Now this looks really interesting as the un-dead or zombies have become extremely popular plot/character devices in the publishing world, even outside of comics (Pride and Prejudice Zombies anyone?)  Sherlock Holmes and Watson take on the case of their lives as the Un-dead begin showing up for tea in Victorian London (which might be argued is the status quo now J).  This little gem just may be a sleeper hit waiting to happen.
  • CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2 #1 – Following on from last month’s God of War series premiere, gaming companies are obviously paying attention to the comic market and seeing a strong correlation (thanks Stats 101) between gaming and comic customers.  Anyhow, November sees Call of Duty expand in to our favourite print format telling the story of the character known as ‘Ghost’.  But don’t be too quick to dismiss this as Dave Lapham is on writing duties and his early work (Stray Bullets) is excellent character driven drama.

 So enjoy reading through all the details of these and the other titles DC is offering and free to email me through your pre-orders which I’ll officially start calling for in a couple of weeks.