How do Comic fans,

Check out here for a look at what Dark Horse will be featuring in the September Previews for release in November. 

Along with many ongoing and mini-series in mid-flight, there are a few notable new and varied entries on offer for November:

AGE OF REPTILES: THE JOURNEY #1 (of 4) – Eisner award winner Ricardo Delgado is launching the third series in his Dinosaur epic.  The first series (Tribal Hunt) was infamous for its level of violence, which was toned down in the second storyline (The Hunt).  The premise for this one sounds not too dissimilar to Disney’s “Dinosaur”, a beautiful looking movie which was somewhat let down by being Disney-fied with cutesy talking critters (don’t get me wrong, I largely still manage to enjoy the movie).  Anyhow, this series doesn’t suffer the same as it is a ‘silent’ comic, either that or the main characters just don’t have anything they feel they need to say.

DR. HORRIBLE (One Shot) – Take note Joss Whedon fans!, younger brother Zack Whedon writes up this one shot based on Joss’ similar-but-longer-to-say titled web movie, Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  Interestingly, Zack is also a contributing writer on the excellent series Fringe (which just gets better as it goes on, and John Nobel’s character ‘Walter’ is a masterpiece mix of dark comedy and drama!)  Anyhow, not having seen the curiously titled Sing-Along Blog, I am interested by a sidekick named ‘Moist’ and that another staring character is a ‘meter man’!  Given it’s a Whedon product, it’s likely well worth a look if you’re a fan of any of their work.

STAR WAR: PURGE–SECONDS TO DIE (One Shot) – Star Wars Expanded Universe stories and those that happen just ‘off camera’ split fans into like em’/don’t like em camps.  Me, I’ve read some good ones and some not so good ones.  This one sounds promising taking place soon after Revenge of the Sith.  Plo Koon’s niece Sha Koon (great band name) strives to become a Jedi leading to a confrontation with the original  bass arse Dark Lord (take note J K R!)  Doorth Vadarrr (TM  ‘Breathmask Text’)  Written by John Ostrander who is a decent character writer so I’d expect this to have a decent ‘Star Wars’ feel.

STAR WARS: THE THRAWN TRILOGY – A very nice HC collecting all three series of the comic adaptations of Timothy Zahn’ s books Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command.  As far as Star Wars novel adaptations go, this is some of Dark Horses’ finest work.


Check out the entire list at the link above, and if any fly your flag, drop me an email to have your order confirmed.  Orders for the September Previews will officially open in around 3 weeks.