Aug 09 PreviewsWelcome to August 2009 everyone, glad you could make it.  Here we go again with the August Previews for comics releasing in October.

I was a bit remiss this last month and neglected to get a sneak peak in for Image comics, but we’ll cover that off now.  Not much new from Image for October, but what there is will raise some interest I’m sure.

So Image’s ace up the sleeve is Haunt #1.  From the creative minds of Todd McFarlane (Spawn!) and Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincibles) comes a supernatural murder thriller with a lead character who poses very much like Spiderman (wonder where he got that from?).  While McFarlane may not have created a huge number of characters, you’ve got to admit the ones he has seem to be standing the test of time well, and Robert Kirkman hasn’t had too shoddier a start either has he?  All in all this could well be worth checking out before we see “first printing sold out” notices for issue #1.

DC continue to pump out some solid work, Blackest Night being half way through its run, a series fit for any deity with God of War #1 (of 6) and, (finally) Planetary #27!.  The ‘non-event but big-deal nonetheless’ title has to be Justice League of America #38 with James Robinson coming on board as regular writer.  Lock it in and enjoy the ride.

Marvel are firing on all cylinders too with a continuation in the adaption of Stephen King properties with Stand Soul Survivors #1 (of 5), Jimenez and Ellis chart a new direction on Astonishing X-Men from issue #31 and some Anita Blake – storytelling with a bite!

Devil’s Due dropped a bombshell at Comic Con revealing they have the license for the TV show Jericho!  Yes, the story of everyone’s favourite post- US nuclear attacked township, Jericho, continues into ‘season 3’ in our favourite print medium.  As I recently mentioned, you can get up to date on all things Jericho at the office site at   and you won’t regret you did.  Sure, the first season took a while to get going but once it hit its stride, it was great viewing and season 2’s untimely wrap up left so much potential on the table which now can be realised.

BOOM! continue with some good licensed titles with Die Hard and 28 Days Later and Dyanmite with Stargate.

As always, feel free to email me with any queries on these and any additions to your standing orders.  Deadline for orders is August 26.