A quick update on a few things of interest this fine Sunday morning:

Gary Oldman, bless him, dropped the most official news we’ve yet heard about ‘Batman 3’ at Comic Con.  Check out here and here for the low down.  Must be of interest when even our news is fairly up to date on it…

Speaking of Gary Oldman, he will co-star in an upcoming ‘apocalypse’ movie, The Book of Eli,  with Denzel Washington.  Looks interesting, check out the trailer here.  Topic wise it reminds me of Jericho, did you ever finish watching that?  The final episodes were released via the on the official Jericho webpage at CBS  It was a shame they didn’t get a bigger following as once it got going, it was great TV.  However, it was brilliant to see CBS embrace the power of the web and make the final episodes available to all that had hung on for the ride.

And lastly, Comic Con news revealed that the legendary Jim Shooter will be working at Dark Horse revisiting Gold Key licenses such as Magnus, Turok, Dr Solar – many which he had huge success with at Valiant Comics in the early 90s.  Shooter will be overseeing the line as well as writing as much as possible which is good news for comics fans.  If he can rise to the heights of success and class he struck when crafting the ‘Unity’ crossover with Valiant, we’re in for the epic storytelling.