• Geoff John (DC’s super-scribe of the moment) drops some clues on events to come in the following months.  Blackest Night tied into DC: One Million (10 year old cross-over)… Now that would be impressive.
  •  Jonah Hex move poster – releases August 2010 featuring everyone’s favourite soft skin Transformer, Megan Fox.  Can I get a fan-boy Yippie Kai Ye?
  •  New Jeff Smith “Bone”!  If you haven’t got the Bone tpbs in your collection, ask yourself why?  And then place your order for them with me, you won’t regret it.

As an aside, I’ve noticed with some interest I’m getting a lot of random followers on Twitter.  At least 2 to 3 new followers are added to my ‘followers’ list almost on a daily basis.  Not that I mind, but I’m not out to collect followers, I’ll stick to comics, little plastic men (though I’m getting bit jaded on current SW figures, come on Hasbro, excite us!) and other bits and pieces.

Ahem, where was I, ah yes Twitter followers.  Are people stalking noobies as they sign up?  I blocked the first few “randoms” that came along but then I decided that I may as well keep them as someone interested in comics may discover me via these new found friends of mine.  I would like to think at least some of my followers are my treasured customers (thank you Mark!) but I’ll welcome almost all followers – except those peddling dodgy porn (can any be classed not dodgy?), dodgy investment vehicles and dodgy third rate body parts.  Do labelling regulations mean body parts must always be identified as being ‘second hand?’. 

Anyhow, if you’re on Twitter, or thinking of it, do look me up and please follow me along with my army of random twitter zombies as I move to take over the comic retailing world, bwahhh hahahahaha. Ha.