Evening again,

Tonight, or your today (Tomato, Tamarto!), we’re looking at some highlights from this sneak peak at Marvel’s solicitations for October 2009.

THE STAND: SOUL SURVIVORS #1 (of 5) – I must confess I never read the book, I was raised on the movie version alone which I liked. I’m told the book is even better and one of these days I will get around to reading it. It’s been great to see Marvel working with a legend like Stephen King, adapting his stories and expanding them into one of our favourite mediums, the humble (but sorely underrated) comic book! M. O. O. N. that spells ‘don’t miss out on the start of the next leg of Marvel’s The Stand adaption, otherwise Flagg will come lookin’ for ya!’

ANITA BLAKE, THE LAUGHING CORPSE – EXECUTIONER #1 (of 5) – More ‘real book’ cross-over into our industry, it can only be a good thing. Laurel K Hamilton’s series of Vampire novels have been gaining a large fan base over the last decade or so and now with a TV series to boot, Anita Blake will be talked about in the same circles as Buffy, Dracula and Blade. Vampire Hunting at its best and perhaps just a bit saucy too.

SPIDER-MAN 1602 #1 (of 5) – Taking place in the world crafted by Neil Gaiman, this series will flesh out the battle between Osbourne and Spiderman that knows no transtimedimensional boundaries.

MARVEL ZOMBIES: EVIL EVOLUTION – Promising to fill a void in the Marvel Zombie universe as it clashes with the Marvel Apes universe. Blistering Bent Banana’s, this should be chaotic fun. Monkeys, the Walking Dead, it’s hard to top that billing.

X-BABIES #1 (of 4) – This is a bit sickly cute, but it works!

DARK REIN – THE LIST – Continuing Marvel’s Dark Rein storyline, Norman Osborn moves against some of Marvel’s heaviest hitting heroes – Hulk, Punisher and Wolverine, each in their own dedicated ‘The List’ one-shot issue.

DEADPOOL #900 – Only a Deadpool issue can get away selling itself whilst lying through its teeth that it’s reached 900 issues! I bet they sell a tonne of these.

These and the rest of Marvel’s fine October offerings will be available to order from the official release of the August Previews in a week or so.   Feel free to email me any orders and/or queries at bag-end@slingshot.co.nz