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May I present for your viewing pleasure, a preview of DC finest solicitations for October 2009, the full details of which you can read about here that will appear in the August Previews.

•AZRAEL #1 – Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Azrael (no, not the cat). This times sees a new face taking on the role of the Death’s own Dark Knight, Michael Lane. How will the ‘new’ Batman handle this incarnation of Azrael as you may remember their relationship in the 90’s started fairly rough. Note the lead in to this series is Batman Annual #27 and Detective Comics Annual #11.

•ARKHAM REBORN #1 (of 3)– Following on from events in Battle for the Cowl, Arkham has been rebuilt but the resident manager, Jeremiah Arkham may just be the maddest person in it.

•BATMAN: THE UNSEEN #1 (of 2) – In time for Halloween, this looks like a lot of fun if you like a bit of Horror in your Batman. Who better to realise this in ink than artist Kelly Jones whose style is really suited to the horror genre. Check out the Batman: Red Rain vampire trilogy if you want to see Jones at his best on Batman! Anyhow, a new villain is introduced nick-named the ‘meat man’. Check out the cover preview and you’ll see why.

• SUPERMAN/BATMAN #65 – A Halloween special that’ll look at what scares not only Batman and Supes, but their arch nemesis’ the Joker and Lex. Love the cover, simple but effective, check it out.

•JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #38 – James Robinson takes over the reins on JLA! Fan favourite Mark Bagley is onboard for the art. This has been what this title has needed for a while, and coupled with the excellent works he’s laying down in Justice League: Cry for Justice, it sounds like Robinson is really going to shake things up. With an A grade creative team, I’m looking forward to JLA returning to be one of the premiere monthly titles for the industry, period. Sign me up!

•JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: THY KINGDOM COME PART 2 TP – Dream team Geoff Johns and Alex Ross spun a fantastic tale over a year tying into the events of Kingdom Come. This really was one of the highlights of last year and if you were a fan of Kingdom Come, you’ll want this in your collection as the story (in what I presume will be covered in Vol. 3) ultimately provides a moving and satisfying bookend to that epic story. Volume 1 is available now.

•ASTRO CITY: ASTRA SPECIAL #1 (of 2) – More Kurt Busiek magic in one of comicdom’s favourite cities, Astro City. This nicely compact 2 part mini will focus on Astra Furst.

PLANETARY #27 (Final Issue)– You’ve waited so long for this, 10 years + in the making! Warren Ellis’ conclusion to this massively popular series finally arrives. Let’s hope it was worth the wait, I think it will be.

•GOD OF WAR #1 (of 6) – Well, we know that this is a huge game for Playstation fans and we know lots of us love anything to do with mythology. So this should be a winner. Covering the back story of Kratos, and what makes him such as bad-arse, experienced writer Marv Wolfman will deliver this just in time for the launch of the third game in 2010!

Also check out the great range of other collections DC are offering for order in October such as DC COMICS CLASSICS LIBRARY: SHAZAM! – THE MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL HC.

You know how it works, all these and so much more will be available in the August Previews which will open for order in approximately two weeks time, though feel free to email me through your pre-orders at