I missed out previewing our friends at Dark Horse’s September releases last month , so to make amends here we go looking at their October offerings. Couple of gems this month.

ABE SAPIEN – A nice One-Shot from Mike Mignola focusing on Hellboy’s side kick, Abe Sapien and one of his early adventures.

CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST 60TH ANNIVERSARY – Wow, Casper’s 60? Do ghost’s wrinkle? If so, that would make Casper less friendly and more freaky! Anyhow, his is a very nice priced collection of, what if created now would be sickly PC rubbish, are timeless classics forged in a creative age long past.

DOCTOR GRORDBORT PRESENTS: VICTORY – From the minds at Weta Workshop, this should be a real rip-snorter! You may have seen a book late last year sold in various bookstores that showed some fantastic steam-punk influenced weapons and gadgets. It was a pure work of art. This book, by the same author Greg Broadmore, will be a must have if you have any interest in sci-fi of yesterday, steam-punk or just pure creative fun (with a bit of tongue in check) and great art. You heard it here first!

GROO: THE HOGS OF HORDOR #1 (of 4) – New Groo! ‘nuff said. Ok, it should be great.

SUGARSHOCK – One Shot From Joss Wedon (Firefly, Buffy – but you knew that didn’t you?) a rock themed, sci fi roller roaster. Hey, it involves a reference to Vikings so I’m sold!

ll these, and a whole lot more will be officially orderable with the August Previews due funnily enough in August. Contact me at bag-end@slingshot.co.nz with any orders or queries.