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If someone had said, even just a few years ago, that there would come a Friday where you would start the day watching a trailer for a new Star Wars movie and end that same day watching one for Batman vs Superman well I would have thought…maybe. Well that happened this last Friday. Admittedly, the Batman/Superman was a leaked version but still authentic.

Every decade since 1991, when I reconnected with my love of pulp culture, I’ve thought that we are living in more interesting times in respect to the stories that are told. Though during the 1990’s as comic fans we knew there was a lot of junk, there was also gold. That hold’s true today as many people still seek out those comics that they overlooked or missed having left the hobby, especially from the mid 1990’s on.

Of course, the comic themed movies of the 1990’s are for the most part, forgettable – particularly any of the strict super hero variety. Hollywood and TV networks were well aware of the possibilities of tapping into pulp culture genres (games such as Street Fighter, Lois and Clark) but aside from the technology being there, there just wasn’t the right talent to write the scripts and execute the vision to do such properties justice. Tim Burton’s first two Batman movie installments are possibly exceptions to the rule for the late 80’s early 90’s. True, they weren’t to everyone’s taste, but artistically they had a strong signature that rang true for the character of Batman and his world – all without the advantages of CGI. Strong storytelling/craftsmanship examples as exceptions also apply with many sci-fi/fantasy stories of the 1970’s and 80’s (Star Wars, Superman I and II)

Come the 2000’s and we began to see some visages of hope. Smallville was for me, while sometimes clunky and restricted by the network and target audience, a guilty pleasure that I believe helped pave the way for we enjoy today. Superheroes are everywhere, comics more than ever, TV, Movies, games. And they are brilliant and relevant – and perhaps most importantly of all, entertaining. All that was old is new again as retro gaming, toys and comics are as hot as ever, and even tv and you tube shows about people looking for this stuff is in hot demand.

The only downside perhaps is kids growing up today may never have need to imagine what would happen if Batman fought Superman? Sure the comics industry has answered that sort of question a few times but, sadly, not all kids grow up reading comics. But Hollywood looks to more and more fill that gap with stories that, were not that long ago, as unlikely to believe we would see as believing a man could fly.

Previews Oct 2014

The highlight emails are going out. Plenty to choose from. Alan Moore on Crossed, James Robinson on Miracle Man, Robin coming bat, Star Trek/Plant of the Apes Cross Over. Email us now with your orders!

august 14 previews

Yes we’re still busy here at Dunedin Comics. Just now putting out the email for highlights form the August 2014 Previews. If you’re interested in ordering anything, just email us your orders. If you’d like to get on our mailing list, same deal, just drop us a line.

So, for the last few years we’ve be publishing on this blog effectively the same overview that we regularly email out to our customers, that being an overview of comics (and other stuff) that we think looks interesting and may be to them as well. However, it’s time consuming to get that content onto this site.  When we started out it didn’t seem to be, but over time as WordPress has updated (or our software/PC has gotten older) it has become a more protracted and frustrating exercise.  So, for the time being – and to assure you dear reader that we are still here and are still ‘on mission’ – we’ll actually ‘blog’ whatever occurs to us at the time inspiration strikes.  With any luck it will be related to what we do :)  nd if you’d like those emailed overviews we do, just drop us a line and we’ll sort you out.

Trolling through the interweb via the power of google, a search of Bag End Books (yes, being nostalgic here) brings up little more than a lot of indexing by various web-crawling software for the store’s old site address and contact details.  The only repository nuggets of meaningful information are a few blog entries mentioning the store (including our fair blog and facebook page).  Other than that, the life and times of Bag End Books is now lost to the ultimately finite collective memories of those folk who used to frequent the store during the 1990’s/early 2000’s.  It strikes me that while this is not uncommon for many stores from that era it is unfortunate that there is not the sort of photo/social footprint of the store that would have existed, had it still been open today, or conversely, had the interweb/related technology existed earlier.  While the original store signage still exists and some of the framed artwork that hung inside the store, little else does.  I have only one(!) photo of the counter and mess that resided behind it (including me).  Other than that, I’m not aware of any other photo records of the store’s interiors.  It wasn’t the flashest of stores by any stretch but it did what it needed to do and I hope that it is largely remembered fondly.

Dunedin Comics would love to hold a similar presence in town today, but the retail seas of today are vastly different to those that the good ship ‘Bag End’ sailed so well in its time.  The short, Dunedin Comics would be at risk trying to operate in a brick and mortar fashion.  The downside is that it is more difficult to create a shared experience without a physical store.  But, it’s people ultimately that make anything work and worthwhile, and i like to think that’s where Dunedin  Comics still works well, caring about peoples interests through regular contact and service .    A lot of satisfaction is taken that the spirit of Bag End has been allowed to live on through Dunedin Comics thanks to a loyal base of customers.   Do you have any emotive connection to stores from your past when you were young/a student/any other significant time in your life?  I’d love to hear from you if you do, in particular if you were a customer at Bag End and would love to recount what the store meant to you, what you used to enjoy collecting and, if by chance, you even have some photos of the store inside or out.

That’s enough rambling of yesteryear.  For now, some new upcoming previews emails for July’s comic releases need to be started.   And our view remains unchanged, this is still the best time to be a fan of all things comic books – the comic book industry is arguably a significant contributor, and lifeline, to much of the world’s entertainment industries.  So help support it and give a comic (or three)  a good home today by subscribing via Dunedin Comics.  You’ll be glad you did ;)


Not sure how many people really use this blog/web site as I intended but just in case…. Yes the updates have been a bit sporadic lately.  That’s largely due that either a change on WordPress or Chrome has made updating a more frustrating and time consuming task.  I will endevour to keep them going on here but rest assured, Dunedin Comics is still busy – mainly through good old email updates and some facebook posts as well.  Just working on the February Previews 2014 highlights, so they may appear on here soon.

So many great, great things in this Previews, both comics and merchandise, leading up to the end of year shopping blitz.   There are some great work coming out from all the main publishers, both big and small.  If you haven’t already, check out the new Valiant titles.  Almost all the classic characters from the 90’s version of Valiant are back up and running.  Eternal Warrior has just launched, and Unity – massive breakout hit for the 90’s Valiant is about to get an on-going series!

Of course Harley Quinn (this month’s cover gal) gets another shot at on-going series at DC which, given her popularity, will stick around for a while with a great creative team assigned.  But as always there are a few other treasures buried in the pages among so many other very desirable ‘things’.


Orders close for the September Previews on Tuesday 24 September, so what’ya waiting for?  Get those orders on in to me and wait for the awesome to arrive.


Sledgehammer 44: Lightning War – Mike Mignola’s version of an Iron Man like character during World War II was very well received first time out.  So he’s back again in the 3 part mini-series that sees him tracking down a stolen Flying Wing (where’s Indy?!) and facing a foe we haven’t seen yet called Black Flame.





Ash and the Army of Darkness – No introduction necessary, it’s Ash!  Famed horror writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) take the reins of this new on-going series for which Niles has said will be loaded with so much action and horror weirdness that is only fitting for this fan favourite franchise.





Battlestar Galactica Starbuck #1 (of 4) – Finally, we’re going to get the origin story told of Starbuck, including his first meeting of Apollo and more on the relationship he has with Adama with a traitor’s tale thrown into the mix.  Sound’s intriguing.  See if you can look at the alien on this cover with the two mouths without your eyes tripping out.





Star Wars Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual (Haynes) – Following on from the popular pop-culture sub-line Hayne’s do (USS Enterprise, Millennium Falcon, Thunderbirds) we now get the Hayne’s manual treatment on the mother of all battle Stations, the Moon, i mean the Death Star (Mk 1).  I wonder if it had a Thrones Room we never saw?…





Tintin: The art of Herge HC – There have been a few very good books on Herge and his Tintin work over the years (I have a treasured copy of Tintin and the World of Herge).  However, this new book will add some freshness to the story we know of Herge and his Tintin work as the author has been given access to teh Herge Museum in Belgium which has original source material that previous works would not have enjoyed.  If you love Tintin, you’ll love this.



Guillermo Del Toro: Cabinet of Curiosities – For the fan of Del Toro, or those who just love a great looking book and anything slightly ‘weird’ this will be a must have.  There is, by the way, a US$750 limited edition of this book with all sorts of bells and whistles, but there is a much more reasonably priced regular edition which will still have a majority of what you want to see, the inner working of Del Toro’s warped mind :)



Here’s some interesting highlights from Dark Horse and IDW from their November solicitations.  There are some good on-going stories as well as a reasonable number of new mini-series to get you through the summer months.  All the Dark Horse listing here   All the IDW releases for November can be found here

Clown Fatale #1 (of 4) – (DARK HORSE) – This is pretty whacked  but in a good way.  So the girls of this circus get mistaken for being contracted killers and, as you would, they decide that gig sounds better than dancing around with midgets and dodging elephant crap and promptly enter a new world of violence and eh whatever else is being cooked up.  The positive is that they keep their clown make-up on.


Game of Thrones Figures – The first two characters in this releases of figures is Jon Snow and Daenerys.  These won’t be articulated but come packaged in a window display which I’m hoping they’ll do  nice job on.  The likenesses for these aren’t too bad at all for non  premium figures but will look fairly sharp next to your collection of novels.


NEVER ENDING #1 (of 3) – (DARK HORSE) This may just be the freshest super hero story to come round as of late.  So our hero, Charles Baxter, has been trapped in his super hero body for so long, he’s sick of it and wants out.  Of course, the only one who can do him in is his arch nemesis who is too busy putting the hurt on him.  His challenge is to get his attention so he can come up with a way of getting what they both want.

 THE MAXX #1  One of the original titles released from Image back in the early 90’s, Sam Keith’s The Maxx is back in a remastered version of this story.  Given how bizarre this was back in the, it will not have aged badly at all presenting as much an experience as a coherent story line.  Sometimes it’s just plain fun to enjoy each panel as it presents itself without worrying about how it fits with the previous or next panel.


The Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #1 (of 5) – This is based on a recent book, NOS4A2, a play on Nosferatu.  This mini-series is an original story and expands on the world set up in the book, a world that is very dark and bleak so should appeal to those of you who love your horror/thriller tales.


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